REFLEXIVITY AND VOICE : Reports and Interpretations / editor, Rosanna Hertz

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1. Introduction by Rosanna Hertz

PART A: Reflexivity

1. Who am I?  The Need for a Variety of Selves in Field
by Shulamit Reinharz
2. Parents as Researchers
Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
3. Ethnography and Anxiety: Fieldwork and Reflexivity in the Vortex of the U.S. Cuba-Relations
Raymond A. Michalowski
4. A Feminist Revisiting of the Insider/Outsider Debate: The `Outsider Phenomenon' in Rural Iowa
Nancy A. Naples
5. Gender and Indigenous Research in the Middle East: Negotiating Self-Dynamics in the Field
Hale C. Bolak
6. Interactive Interviewing: Talking about Emotional Experience
Carolyn Ellis, Christine Kiesinger, Lisa M. TIllmann-Healy
7. Reflexivity, Femininism, and Difference
Rahel Wasserfall
8. Do you really know how they make love?: The Limits of Intimacy with ethnographic informants
By Tamar El-Or

PART B: Voice

9. The Myth of Silent Authorship: Self, Substance, and Style in Ethnographic Writing
by Kathy Charmaz and Richard G. Mitchell Jr.
10. Personal Writing in Social Science: Issues of Production and Interpretation
by Marjorie L. DeVault
11. Reconsidering Table Talk: Critical Thoughts on The Relationship between Sociology, Autobiography, and Self-Indulgence
by Eric Mykhalowshiy
12. Communication Problems in the Intensive Care Unit
by Albert B. Robillard
13. Breaking Silence: Some Fieldwork Strategies in Cloistered and Non-Cloistered Communities 
by Mary Ann Wichroski
14. The Case of Mistaken Identity: Problems in Representing Women on the Right
by Faye Ginsberg
15. Gender and Voice, Signature and Audience in North Indian Lyric Traditions
by Geeta Patel