THE LANGUAGE AND POLITICS OF EXCLUSION : Others in Discourse / editor Stephen Harold Riggins

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1. The rhetoric of Othering
  Stephen Harold Riggins

2. Political discourse and racism: Describing Others in Western parliaments
  Teun A. van Dijk

3. Das Ausland and antisemitic discourse: The discursive  construction of the Other
  Ruth Wodak

4. Who are they? The rhetoric of institutional policies towards the  indigenous populations of post-revolutionary Mexico
  Teresa Carbo  
5. Discourses of exclusion: The Irish press and the Travelling  people
  Jane Helleiner and Bohdan Szuchewycz

6. Racial intimidation: Socio-political implications of the usage  of racist slurs
  Philomena Essed

7. The historical resilience of primary stereotypes: Core images of  the Muslim Other
  Karim H. Karim

 8. Benetton culture: Marketing difference to the new global   consumer
  Michael Hoechsmann

9. Afrocentricity and inclusive curriculum: Is there a connection  or a contradiction?
  George J. Sefa Dei

10. The assimilation of the Other within a master discourse
  William E. Conklin

11. Subverting poor me: Negative constructions of identity in poor and working-class women's autobiographies
  Roxanne Rimstead