WHITENESS : A Critical Reader / edited by Mike Hill

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1. Introduction: Vipers In Shangri-La: Whiteness, Writing, and Other
     Ordinary Terrors
Mike Hill
Part 1.  White Politics
2. Sympathy for the Devils: Notes on Some White Guys in the Ridiculous
     Class War
Fred Pfeil
3. White Looks: Hairy Apes, True Stories, and Limbaugh's Laughs
David R. Roediger
4. The Whitest I: On Reading the Hill-Thomas Transcripts
Michael E. Staub
5. Bulletproof Settlers: The Politics of Offense in the New South
Grant Farred
Part 2.  White Culture
6. The Whiteness of Film Noir
Eric Lott
7. Basketball, Rodney King, Simi Valley
Matthew P. Brown
8. The Possum, the Hag, and the Rhinestone Cowboy: Hard Country Music
     and the Burlesque Abjection of the White Man
Barbara Ching
9. "Story Untold": The Black Men and White Sounds of Doo-Wop
Jeffrey Melnick
10. One of the Boys? Whiteness, Gender, and Popular Music Studies
Gale Wald
11. What Is "White Trash"? Stereotypes and Economic Conditions of Poor
     Whites in the United States
Annalee Newitz and Matthew Wray
Part 3.  White Bodies
12. The Unexamined
Ross Chambers
13. Outing Whiteness: A Feminist/Lesbian Project
Kate Davy
14. If Uncle Tom Is White, Should We Call Him "Auntie"? Race and
     Sexuality in Postbellum U.S. Fiction
Warren Hedges
15. Performing Men of Color: Male Autoperformance, Highway's
     Performance Space, the NEA, and the White Right
Robert H. Vorlicky
16. Conditions of Immigration
Amitava Kumar
Part 4.  White Minds
17. The Universalization of Whiteness: Racism and Enlightenment
Warren Montag
18. Racial Politics and the Pedagogy of Whiteness
Henry A. Giroux
19. The "Look" Returned: Knowledge Production and Constructions of
     "Whiteness" in Humanities Scholarship and Independent Film
E. Ann Kaplan
20. Literature in the Country of "Whiteness": From T. S. Eliot to The
Jerry Phillips
21. Toward a New Abolitionism: A Race Traitor Manifesto
John Garvey and Noel Ignatiev