The unknown city : lives of poor and working class young adults / [compiled by] Michelle Fine and Lois Weis.

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          Acknowledgments,    ix

1.  Voices of Hope and Despair
          Introduction, 1

2.  Narrating the 1980s and 1990's
    Voices of White and African American Men, 16

3.  Loss of Privilege Inside White, Working-Class Masculinity, 39

4.  "To Stand Up and Be Men"
     Black Males Rewriting Social Representations, 59

5.  "It's a Small Frog That Will Never Leave Puerto Rico"
     Puerto Rican Men and the Struggle for Place in the United States, 84

6.  Cops, Crime, and Violence, 108

7.  "I've Slept In Clothes Long Enough"
     Domestic Violence among Women in the White Working Class, 133

8.  "Food In Our Stomachs and a Roof Overhead"
     African American Women Crossing Borders, 1 61

9.  Working Without a Not
    Poor Mothers Raising Their Families, 186

10.  Refusing the Betrayal
      Latinas Redefining Gender, Sexuality, Family, and Home, 206

11.  "You Can Never Get Too Much"
     Reflections on Urban Schooling ... for Grown-Ups and Kids, 228

12.  Work, the State, and the Body
      Re-viewing the Loss and Re-imagining the Future, 251

     Epilogue: Writing the "Wrongs" of Fieldwork
     Confronting Our Own Research/Writing Dilemmas in Urban
     Ethnographies, 264

          Appendix 1, 289
          Appendix 2, 292
          Appendix 3, 298
          Notes, 305
          References, 314
          Index, 329