Getting started in stocks / Alvin D. Hall.

Hall, Alvin D.

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Acknowledgments	vii

	Investing in Stocks: The Fears, the Fantasies, the Facts	ix

Chapter 1
	Setting Your Goals: Assessing Risks and Rewards	1

Chapter 2

	Common Stock and Preferred Stock	23
Chapter 3

	The Basics of Buying and Selling Stocks	57

Chapter 4

	Investment Strategies	87

Chapter 5
	Fundamental Analysis	117

Chapter 6
	Technical Analysis	141

Chapter 7
	Building a Stock Portfolio or Investing in Mutual Funds	175

Chapter 8
	Indirect Investing in Stock:
	Rights, Warrants, and Options	221

Chapter 9
          International investing in Stocks                          249


The Psychology of Investing	271
Glossary	275
Index	299