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Table of contents for Clicking : 16 trends to future fit your life, your work, and your business / Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold ; illustrated by Gerti Bierenbroodspot.

Acknowledgments						ix


Safe-Cracking the Future				3
Futurist, Click Thyself					17


From the Brain Reserve Trend Bank				29
Why Follow the Trends?					33
Clicking Through Cocooning				51
Clicking Through Clanning				65
Clicking Through Fantasy Adventure			79
Clicking Through Pleasure Revenge			95
Clicking Through Small Indulgences			113
Clicking Through Anchoring				125
Clicking Through Economics				145
Clicking Through Female Think				159
Applying Female Think: A New Market for MetLife		185
Clicking Through Mancipation				191
Clicking Through 99 Lives				207
Clicking Through Cashing Out				223
Clicking Through Being Alive				239
Clicking Through Down-Aging				263
Things to Worry About Now (That You Never Had to
	Worry About Before)				277
Clicking Through the Vigilante Consumer			281
Clicking Through Icon Toppling				297
Clicking Through S.O.S. (Save Our Society)		311


Click Screen: Measuring the Trends			327
ClickThinks						347
ClickTime						357
Careers and Clicking					365
ClickGuides: Mentoring					387
ClickMessages: Early Words of Worldly Wisdom		395
Kids and Clicking					403
HadTO3:  Visionary Clicking				415
Zero-to-Hero: Clicking Through Failure and Success	427
ClickNames: When Everyone Knows Your Name,
	You've Clicked					443
Future Terms						455
After-Future Thoughts: ClickStart into Tomorrow		459

A Look at the Futurist, the Writer, the Artist		465

ClickArt						469

Reading List						471
Index							475