Dynamic farmers' marketing : a guide to successfully selling your farmers' market products / Jeff Ishee ; [foreword by Joel Salatin].

Ishee, Jeff.

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	Dedication	xi
	Foreword	xiii
	Introduction	xv

I. Why be a Farmers'Marketer
	1. Personal Satisfaction	I
	Pleasant Experience-Satisfaction7-Relationships Developed
	2. Increasing Demand for Local Farm Products	7
	Big Demand-Filling a Void-Why People Go to
	Farmers'Markets-ny Farmers Go to Farmers'Markets
	3. Effective Planning and Income Potential	13
	Business Management We All Can Understand-
	Plan ... and Dream-Our Own First Plan-Intensive
	Effort, Intensive Profit

II. Group Dynamics
        4. Market Organization                                                      25
        Market Defined-A Look Back-Fundamentals of Organization
        Market Master- 7he Market Committee-Equitable
        Market Rules-Research the Law. . . You May be Surprised

III. The Products that Help You Achieve both Sales and Profit
	5. Vegetables that Customers Want	33
	Popular Veggies-Square Foot Economics-ny Grow
	Sweet Corn?-Tomatoes-Pickling Cucumbers-Lettuce-
	6. Customers Will Stand in Line for Good Fruit	43
	Large Fruits-Apples-Peaches-Melons-
	Small Fruits-Blueberries-Raspberries-Strawberries
	7. Baked Goods, Eggs, Meat, and Specialty Products	51

IV. How To Successfully Sell Your Products

	8. Face to Face with Mr. and Mrs. Customer	59
	Order Takers-Charlatans-Persuaders-Physical Appearance
	9. Visual Displays That Draw A Crowd	65
	Emotional Appeal-Image-How Corporate America
	Appeals to Emotion-Farmers'Market Adaptation-Display
	Fundamentals-Ae Power of Signs-Simple, Yet Effective,
	Fixtures and Decorations-Be Creative
	Appendix A-. Stories from the Frontlines	75
	Appendix B: Selected News Articles	99
	Appendix C-. Resources	111
	Appendix D: Sample Market Rules & Guidelines	115
	Index	123