Co-opetition / Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Nalebuff.

Brandenburger, Adam.

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                    Production Notes

                     l. War and Peace/3

                     2. Co-opetition/11
    Thinking Complements - The Value Net  Surfing the Net
           Playing Multiple Roles - Friend or Foe?

                      3. Game Theory/40
       Added Value - Rules - Perceptions - Boundaries
                Rationality and Irrationality The Elements of ci Game

                  How to Change the Game/69

                        4. Players/71
        Becoming a Player   Bringing in Other Players
                    Changing the Players

                      S. Added Values/110
                  Added Value of a Monopoly
             Added Value in a Competitive World
          Added Value of a Relationship - Imitation
                  Changing the Added Values

                        6. Rules/159
     Contracts with Customers  Contracts with Suppliers
            Mass-Market Rules   Government Rules
                     Changing the Rules

                       7. Tactics/198
  Lifting the Fog Preserving the Fog - Stirring Up the Fog
                     Is PART the Whole?

                        8. Scope/234
      Links between Games - Links through Added Values
         Links through Rules - Links through Tactics
                       The Larger Game

                9. Being Ready for Change/261