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Table of contents for The future of capitalism : how today's economic forces shape tomorrow's world / Lester C. Thurow.

	Acknowledgments						vii

	Chapter 1
	New Game, New Rules, New Strategies			1

	Chapter 2
	Mapping the Economic Surface of the Earth		20

	Chapter 3
	Plate One: The End of Communism				43

	Chapter 4
	Plate Two: An Era of Man-made Brainpower Industries	65

	Chapter 5
	Plate Three: Demography-Growing, Moving, Getting Older	88

	Chapter 6
	Plate Four: A Global Economy				115

	Chapter 7
	Plate Five: A Multipolar World with No Dominant Power	139

	Chapter 8
	The Forces Remaking the Economic Surface of the Earth	164

	Chapter 9
	Inflation: An Extinct Volcano				185

	Chapter 10
	Japan: The Major Fault Line Across World Trade and
	the Pacific Rim						194

	Chapter 11
	Economic Instability					211

	Chapter 12
	Social Volcanoes:
	Religious Fundamentalism and Ethnic Separatism		232

	Chapter 13
	Democracy Versus the Market				242

	Chapter 14
	A Period of Punctuated Equilibrium			279

	Chapter 15
	Operating in a Period of Punctuated Equilibrium		310

	Notes							329

	Index							371