How Congress Shapes Health PolicySUBTITLE856 / Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein, editors

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Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein
Part One: Congressional Structures and Processes
2.Committees and Health Jurisdiction in Congress
C. Lawrence Evans
Importance of Jurisdiction
Who Has Health?
3.Budgeting and Health Policymaking
Joseph White
The Congressional Budget Process(es)
Deficit-Reduction and Health Entitlement Policymaking
Budgeting for AIDS Treatment and Research
Health Care Reform, 1993--94
The Future
4.The Use of Health Policy Information in Congress
Mark A. Peterson
Coping with Uncertainty
Availability of Information
Information Use in Congress
Explaining the Use of Policy-Analytic Information in
Congress and Information, with Thoughts on the 104th         
5.Congressional Oversight of Health Policy
Mark Nadel
The Changing Nature of Oversight
Techniques of Oversight
Targets of Oversight
Is Oversight Systematic?
How Effective is Health Policy Oversight?
Part Two: Health Policy Making
6.Congress's ``Catastrophic'' Attempt to Fix Medicare
Julie Rovner
About Medicare 
Why Catastrophic?
The Road to Passage
House Action
Senate Action
House-Senate Conference
The Backlash
Implications for Health Reform
7.Congress and Health Reform, 1993--94
Julie Rovner
Clinton Plan Development
Autumn 1993: Handing the Ball Off to Congress
Committee Action
Leadership Attempts to Reconcile
Floor Action
The End
8.How a Bill Didn't Become a Law
Allen Schick
The President's Agenda
(Mis)Reading Public Opinion
Fractured Interests
In Congress Disassembled
Parties in Conflict
Committee Breakdown
Leaders as Followers
What Congress Learned About Itself