Out of the Ordinary : Folklore and the Supernatural / Barbara Walker, editor

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     I. Perception, Belief, and Living
1.   Beings Without Bodies: An Experience-Centered Theory of the Belief in
          David J. Hufford
2.   The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Improbabilities: A Personal Essay
          Barre Toelken
3.   Folklore, Foodways, and the Supernatural
          Timothy C. Lloyd

     II. Supernatural Power and Other Worlds: Making Contact
4.   Ghosts, Spirits, and Scholars: The Origins of Modern Spiritualism
          Kenneth D. Pimple
5.   Aftermath of a Failed Seance: The Functions of Skepticism in a
     Traditional Society
          Maxine Miska
6.   Supernatural Experience, Folk Belief, and Spiritual Healing
          James McClenon
7.   "If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked a Cake": The Folklore of
     Foreknowledge in a Neighborhood Group
          Gillian Bennett

     III. Demons and Gods: Cultural Adaptations and Incorporations
8.   Bad Scares and Joyful Hauntings: "Priesting" the Supernatural
          Erika Brady
9.   The Tourist Folklore of Pele: Encounters with the Other
          Joyce D. Hammond
10.  Terror in Transition: Hmong Folk Belief in America
          Shelley R. Adler

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