Health issues for women of color : a cultural diversity perspective / edited by Diane L. Adams.

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Foreword	Linda Burhansstipanov
Part I
1.	Introduction
Diane L. Adams and Betty Smith Williams
2.	Cultural Diversity and Institutional Inequality
Aida Giachello
Part II
3.	Native American Women's Health Concerns: Towards Restoration of Harmony
Lillian Tom-Orme
4.	Contemporary Research Issues in Hispanic/Latina Women's Health
Ruth E. Zambrana and Britt K. Ellis
5.	Health Issues for Asian/Pacific Islander Women: A Brief Overview
Grace M. Wang
6.	Domestic Violence in Asian/Pacific Island Communities: A Public Health Issue
Patricia Eng
7.	Mental Health Issues of Asian/Pacific American Women
Reiko Homma True
8.	The Health of African American Women
Wilhelmina A. Leigh
9.	Arab Middle Eastern American Women: Stereotyped, Invisible but Powerful
Afaf Meleis and Marianne Hattar-Pollara
Part III
10. Health Care on the Inside
Christine Jose-Kampfner
11. Impact of Homelessness Among Women and Children
Diane L. Adams and Margaret S. Mason
12. The Growth of Homelessness in America: Health Concerns
Shanell Semien and Shannon Semien
13. Mental Health Problems of Women of Color Who Are Homeless
Phyllis Old Dog Cross
14. Homeless Children: A Growing and Vulnerable Population
Brenda A. Leath
Part IV
15. The Future of Health Research with Women of Color
Aida L. Giachello
16. Ethical Issues in Research
Marian Gray-Secundy
17. Conclusion
David R. Williams and Niki Dickerson
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