Reducing school violence through conflict resolution / David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson.

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1    Increasing Violence: A Concern for Schools
          Violence in Schools
          Violence in Society
          Changing Patterns of Family and Community Life
          Redefining Violence as Normal
          Easy Access to Guns and Drugs
          What Is the School's Responsibility?
          Making Schools Safe Learning Environments

2    Violence Prevention
          Programs to Prevent Violence
          Programs to Prevent Violence and Develop Positive Behavior
3    Schools as Conflict Positive Organizations
          Conflict Negative Schools
          Conflict Positive Schools
4    Conflict Resolution 
     Two Approaches 
     Conflict Resolution as a Discipline Program

5    Creating a Cooperative Context
          Cooperative Learning
          What Makes Cooperative Learning Work?
          The Cooperative School
          Decreasing Inschool Risk Factors
          Outcomes of Cooperation

6    Two Basic Concerns in a Conflict
          Strategies for Managing Conflicts
          Rules to Resolve Conflicts
          Use Your Sense of Humor

7    Teaching Students to Negotiate
          Two Types of Negotiating
          Describe What You Want
          Describe Your Feelings
          Exchange Reasons for Positions
          Understand Each Other's Perspective
          Invent Options for Mutual Gain
          Reach a Wise Agreement
          Try, Try Again
          Negotiate in Good Faith
          Refusal Skills

8    Mediating Conflicts Among Students
          End Hostilities
          Ensure Commitment to Mediation
          Assist Negotiations
          Formalize the Agreement
          Preventing Future Conflicts
          Tools for Negotiating and Mediating
9    When All Else Fails, Arbitrate
     Combining Teacher Mediation and Arbitration

10   Implementing Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Training
     The Peacemaker Program
     Refining Negotiation and Mediation Skills
     Research Support

11   Using Academic Controversy to Enhance Learning
     What Controversy Looks Like in a Classroom
     Theory of Controversy
     How Students Benefit