Beyond Branding: How Savvy Marketers Build Brand Equity to Create Products and Open New Markets

Joe Marconi

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Section I

About Brand Names, Parts, Loyalty, and Trouble

     Chapter One: The Right Name
     Starting With the Right Name:
     The Cornerstone of Brand-Building
     The Corporate Parent / Child / Sibling
     Is There a Benefit?
     How It Plays on the Stock Exchange
     Logos and Signatures and Acronyms
     The Corporate Identity Program
     Name Changes, Mergers, Joint Ventures
     Protect Yourself

     Chapter Two: Building Brand Equity: The Anatomy of a Brand
     Creating a Brand
     "Instant" Brand Building
     Positioning the Brand
     Adding Value to a Brand Name
     Brand Distribution

     Chapter Three: Building Brand Loyalty
     Whatever Became of that Brand?
     Brand Loyalty

     Chapter Four: Knowing When the Brand Is in Trouble
     Uh-Oh. What Now?

                 Section II
               Going Beyond Branding

     Chapter Five: Brand Extension
     Stepping Out
     Mainstream versus Niche Marketing
     Leaders of the Pack
     Sex Sells ... Sometimes
     Pretend You Know Me
     Big Wheels from Out of Town
     The Candy Wars
     The Now Famous Cola Wars
     It's Not So Much What's on the Inside
     When a Copy Looks Better Than the Original
     ...  And Now for Something Extra

                 Section III

   Creating, Managing, and Marketing Brand Equity

     Chapter Six: A Crash Course in Brand Marketing
     Chapter Seven: The Future of Brand Marketing
     Today and Tomorrow...