What is an Entrepreneur?

David Robinson

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Chapter I
     Introduction to the Entrepreneur
     A matter of definition. Born or made? How
      entrepreneurial are you?

Chapter 2
     Brainwaves and cheap copies. Looking for the
     incongruous. How it's done. Tunnel vision. The thrill
     of the chase. Super salesman. Visionary or profiteer?

Chapter 3
     The competitive urge. Failure-who cares! Breaking
     the rules. Concert parties. The wild ones. A feeling of
     unimportance? Knowing the odds.

Chapter 4
     The rebellious urge. Who can you trust? Non-team
     playing. The making of a team-player. I know best!

Chapter 5
     Opportunist or planner? Typical watershed decision
     points. Retaining the good qualities. Non-planning. A
     sound judge of people. A healthy team. The ethics of
     management. Unsafe assumptions. Older and wiser?

Chapter 6
     Prima Donna
     The Napoleon factor. An impossible partner? Follow
     my leader. A team of heroes. Living with a whirlwind.
      24 hours a day. Money and power.  Family man. Private
      lives. Keeping it in the family.

Chapter 7
      Summing Up
      Alike or different? Developing entrepreneurial
      capacity. Golden rules for the entrepreneur. The naked