Women Managers in a Global Economy

Edited by Nancy J. Adler and Dafna N. lzraeli

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List of Contributors

Part I Introduction

1 Competitive Frontiers: Women Managers in a Global Economy
     Dafna N. Izraeli & Nancy J.. Adler
2 Competitive Frontiers: Women Managing Across Borders
     Nancy Y. Adler

Part II Asia

3 Hong Kong
      The Third Identity of Modern Chinese Women: Women Managers
      in Hong Kong
      Corinna T. de Leon & Suk-ching Ho
4 Indonesia
      Women in Management in Indonesia
      Lorna Wright & Virginia Crockett-Tellei
5 Japan
      Women Managers in Japan
      Patricia G. Steinhoff & Kazuko Tanaka
6 Malaysia
      Women Managers in Malaysia: Their Mobility and Challenges
      Norma Mansor
7 People's Republic of China
      Managerial Women in the People's Republic of China:
      The Long March Continues
      Karen Korabik
8 Singapore
      Women Executives in a Newly Industrialized Economy:
      The Singapore Scenario
      Audrey Chan & Jean Lee
9 Taiwan
     Women Managers in Taiwan
     Wei-yuan Cheng & Lung-li Liao

     Women in Management in Thailand
     Sununta Siegthai  & Orose Leelakulthanit

Part III Europe

11 Finland
     Women Managers, the Challenge to Management?
     The Case of Finland
     Eva Hanninen-Salmelin & Tuulikki Petajaniemi

12 France
     Women Managers in France
     Evelne Serdjenian

13 Germany
     Women in Management in Germany: East, West, and Reunited
     Ariane Berthoin Antal & Camilla Krebsbach-Gnath

14 Great Britain
     The Scenario for Women Managers in Britain in the 1990s
     Valerie Hammond & Viki Holton

15 Poland
     Women Managers in Poland: In Transition from Communism
     to Democracy
     Renata Siemienska

16 Former Soviet Union
     Women Managers in the Former USSR: A Case of
     "Too Much Equality"?
     Sheila M. Puffer

17 Former Yugoslavia
     Women in Management: The Case of the Former Yugoslavia
     Bogdan Kavcic

     Part IV Middle East/Africa

18 Israel
     Outsiders in the Promised Land: Women Managers in Israel
     Dafna N. Izraeli

19 South Africa
     South African Women: Changing Career Patterns
     Ronel Erwee

20 Tanzania Women Managers in the Tanzanian Civil Service
     Wendy Hollway & Laeticia Mukurasi

21 Zimbabwe
     The Legacy and Opportunities for Women Managers in Zimbabwe
     Helen J. Muller

     Part V North America

 22 Canada
          Women in Management: Ile Canadian Experience
          Caroline Andrew, Cecile Coderre & Ann Denis

23 United States of America
     The Status of Women Managers in the United States
     Elkn A. Fagenson & Janice J. Jackson