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Table of contents for Soldiers in a storm : the armed forces in South Africa's democratic transition / Philip Frankel.

Negotiation: Forging the Military Pact
Prelude: Talks about Talks, 1991-1993, 1
Round One: Admiralty House, Blenny, and
the First Bilaterals, 6
Scoring Points: Mid-1993, 14
Forging Consensus: The Run-up to Elections, 20
Transitional Arrangements: The SCD and JMCC, 30
Conclusion, 40
Notes, 42
Caesarian Section: The Birth of the South African
National Defence Force
Soft Options: The TBVCs, 49
Hards Cases: The Liberation Armies, 56
A Balance Sheet: Has Integration Worked? 84
Notes, 96
Smoke and Mirrors: Transforming the Armed Forces
Institutional Reengineering: The Agenda, 102
Bureaucratic Control: DOD, MOD, and
the Defence Secretariat, 104
Parliamentary Oversight: The JPSCD, 117
Constitutional Prescription: Human Rights and
Military Law, 125
The Politics of Gender, 128
Reacculturation: Toward a new
Civil-Military Relationship? 135
Notes, 142

4    Guns and Butter: Social Reconstruction and Rearmament
Out of Pocket: The Defense Budget, 148
Internal Deployment: The Service Corps and
Collateral. Utility, 155
External Deployment: The Dilemmas of Peacekeeping, 164
Bloc Obsolescence and Rearmament, 179
Notes, 189
Epilogue: Beyond the Millennium
Notes, 212