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Counter It's hard to ignore the signals when nature urges us to make a fresh start.  We look in the mirror and suddenly see ourselves as though for the first time.  Our complexion is lifeless, our eyes are without sparkle.  We have little energy, and our creativity and drive seem always out of reach.  At this crossroads we have a choice: to accept these conditions as our inevitable decline and continue existing without really experiencing the fullness of our lives or to stop the wheel, reverse the process, and thrill once more to life.

The choice may be obvious, but the solution is not simple.  Unfortunately, there's no easy way to cleanse the body and spirit.  One day of watching what you eat, or what you think, or randomly paying attention to potential toxins in your environment won't result in any permanent improvement.  In order truly to change, you must not only become conscious of toxic conditions but maintain the will to seek out a purified state.  Ten Days to Detox offers you a health-affirming program that is direct and powerful.

Mystics have always known the virtue of the number ten.  In tarot cards ten is represented by the Wheel of Fortune.  In the Kabbalah, the metaphysical system by which itsstudents learn about God and the universe, ten is the number said to be boundless in origin and having no ending.  According to the Kabbalah, this number also denotes a change in conditions and rules both the spiritual and scientific aspects of life.  Astrologically viewed, ten rules the planet Uranus and, as in the Kabbalah, signifies change.  Of course there are the Ten Commandments and, not to be "discounted," our ten fingers and ten toes.  In numerology, the study of the occult significance of numbers, ten means "all."  Similarly, the Ten Days to Detox program purifies all aspects of your being: the spiritual, physical, and emotional.  The initial three days of the program are devoted to preparation, the following five to a cleansing "flush," and the final two days to balancing and reentry.

In the first section of the book you'll learn about the necessity of detoxing: how we are infused daily with harmful "antinutritional" contaminants like preservatives, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, processed yeast products, and artificial ingredients; how environmental toxins like free radicals, lead, pesticides, and carbon monoxide, as well as many ingredients in common household cleaners, rob us of our natural defenses against aging and illness.  You'll read about the dangers that hide in many over-the-counter and commonly prescribed medications, along with those toxic ingredients that contaminate shampoos and other popular beauty products.  You'll see how emotional toxins like stress, abusive relationships, and day-to-day contact with negative energy are stunningly detrimental.  I cite numerous scientific studies from major medical journals, describing the relationship between toxins and such diseases as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

The book's next section offers a hands-on diagnostic questionnaire that will help you calculate the level of your toxicity and the main culprits.  The questions are varied and touch all areas of your life.  For example, how do the seasons affect your energy?  Do certain people make you feel angry or sad when you are around them?  How do specific flavors (spicy, sour, sweet) affect your appetite?  Do you have a hard time sleeping?  Do you frequently suffer with colds, stomachaches, insomnia, and/or headaches?  The first step in eliminating toxins is to identify them, to become an observer, and to be open to the clues your body gives to its conditions and its needs.  Did you know that dry skin, brittle nails and hair, weak muscle tone, even cellulite are signals of specific toxic conditions?

I'm confident that you'll find the questionnaire enlightening and accessible, but be prepared to allow time to consider each question and to calculate the results.  The questionnaire covers diet, exercise, sleep, emotional imbalances, stress levels, family life, and childhood experiences, as well as a comprehensive look at your medical history.  To establish an effective baseline, the diagnostic questionnaire is extensive, but the revelations make the investment in your time and concentration worth it.  Once you have established your baseline, you'll be able to calculate the level of toxicity in your life, focus on its origin, and consider the remedies specifically suited for each one.

Next, Ten Days to Detox offers a realistic fasting schedule that enables you to cleanse your body by altering your diet and lifestyle.  Throughout, there are references to studies that prove that detoxing methods like cleansing diets, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise, meditation, and saunas are powerful combatants against illness and premature aging.  For example, you'll learn how diet may help prevent or cure various forms of cancer; how exercise elevates moods, prevents disease, and cleanses the cells; how meditation, deep breathing, even keeping a bowl of salt water near an unpleasant companion can reduce the effects of emotionally draining and disease-causing vibrations.

You'll discover that what makes us toxic is not what happens to us in our lives but our mental and physical reactions to what comes into our lives.  When you are unaware of your intrinsic wholeness, you can unwittingly invite disease by treating the body carelessly and by burdening your mind and nervous system with toxic thoughts and emotions.  You can also abuse your system by repeatedly exposing it to environmental toxins, getting too little rest and exercise, pursuing too many damaging, unhappy relationships, and maintaining a toxic diet.

Since the food we eat today becomes the cells of our bodies tomorrow, Ten Days to Detox includes an extensive healing foods and vitamin, mineral, and herb guide.  Foods and supplements that can cleanse particular organs and are especially helpful in dealing with specific diseases and emotional imbalances are described.  For example, you'll learn that asparagus is valued for its diuretic qualities (cleanses kidneys and bladder) and possesses a high mineral content; that yarrow tea purifies the liver; and that rhubarb is remarkably rich in vitamins A and C as well as minerals, revitalizes the blood, regulates digestion, and sparks lackluster appetites.  You'll discover that cucumbers have long been noted for improving the complexion, cleansing the liver, aiding in digestion, diabetes, and headaches as well as helping keep you "cool as a cucumber" in summer months.

But the detox program won't work without a firm commitment from you.  Attitude is everything.  You can feast on the facts, but first you need to bring your own silver tray, embracing the program not only in your mind but also in your heart.

During the ten-day period you will become aware of your perfect nature and begin to participate consciously in the healing process.  You will discover the fundamental cause of your discomfort and unease and through a detoxification process reestablish an inner physical and emotional harmony.  When you complete the program, you will have taken the final step in detoxing and healing: the acceptance of health.

You will also possess the unshakable conviction that nature's tendency is to heal, to regain and maintain the natural balance.  This means you will stop anticipating illness, expecting sickness to overtake you tomorrow, next winter, in old age, or whenever.  Anxiety itself creates the number one toxic trigger for disease.  It sets in motion a circle in which inner negative expectations affect the outer circumstances, which in turn set off toxic responses in our physical and mental systems.  By the conclusion of the detox program, you will have mastered the ability to recognize the interaction between your mind, emotions, and physical body.

Purified through detoxing, you can finally experience your true essence.  You'll realize that you are not your sickness or imbalance.  Your original nature is wholeness, health.

You are perfect, infinite, and glowing energy.

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