Sample text for Judgment calls / Alafair Burke.

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From Judgment Calls:

“I don’t mind taking the case, but here’s the problem: this case needs major help. The rape kit’s not back; the victim’s clothes are still at the lab. Derringer’s alibi needs work, and we don’t have the driver. If this case is filed as an Assault III, it’s outside MCT jurisdiction, and you know that precinct detectives aren’t going to do the follow up that’s needed.”

Garcia was a step ahead of me. “I’ll make another call to O’Donnell to explain that you’re willing to take the case but are worried about the follow-up issue.”

I hate this kind of crap. The four people in the room agree what needs to happen and are willing to put in the work, but have to plot how they can even start without bruising a fragile ego.

I was skeptical. Garcia was good, but I still thought O’Donnell might see right through it and blame me when he wound up looking like a jerk. It would have been so easy to bow out on the grounds that the die had been cast.

Apathy is grossly undervalued and never there for me when I need it. I was already sucked in. I’d broken up some escort services and prosecuted a few pimps, but I’d never had a chance to handle a case like this one. And to my mind, with scum like Derringer, it was better to issue the case and lose than to let him walk away up front.

“Alright, let’s give it a try,” I said.

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