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Counter "Mother?"
There was no reply. She hadn"t expected one. Her mother had
dead now for four days, and Kira could tell that the last of the
was drifting away.
"Mother." She said it again, quietly, to whatever was leaving.
She thought that she could feel its leavetaking, the way one
feel a small whisper of breeze at night.
Now she was all alone. Kira felt the aloneness, the
and a great sadness.
This had been her mother, the warm and vital woman whose
been Katrina. Then after the brief and unexpected sickness, it
become the body of Katrina, still containing the lingering spirit.
After four sunsets and sunrises, the spirit too was gone. It was
simply a body. Diggers would come and sprinkle a layer of soil
the flesh, but even so it would be eaten by the clawing, hungry
creatures that came at night. Then the bones would scatter, rot,
crumble to become part of the earth.
Kira wiped briefly at her eyes, which had filled suddenly with
tears. She had loved her mother, and would miss her terribly. But
was time for her to go. She wedged her walking stick in the soft
ground, leaned on it, and pulled herself up.

Copyright © 2000 by Lois Lowry

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