Table of contents for Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima : curse of the nuclear genie / Thomas Filburn.

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Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, How we got there.- Chapter 1. Nuclear Fundamentals.- Chapter 2.Fukushima, design facts.- Chapter 3.Great Japan Earthquake and Fukushima accident history Eg Units 5 & 6 untouched by tsunami, because cliff was not removed for them Ge design, back up turbine/generator in basement Recovery effort status.- Chapter 4.Fukushima Daiichi today.- Chapter 5 BWR design history, why GE, Borax experiments GE, Vallecitos, Dresden GE design duplicated at Fukushima, including diesels in basement.- Chapter 6.Zircalloy clad fuel elements, history, H2O electrolysis at high temp, H2 gen.- Chapter 7. station blackout previously considered non credible accident.- Chapter 8.Chernobyl accident history.- Chapter 9.Graphite moderated reactor Russian history, Chicago pile to weapons production.- Chapter 10.Leningrad and other RBMK problems, precursor to Chernobyl disaster.- Chapter 11.TMI.- Chapter 12. PWR selected because of US navy preference.- Chapter 13.Conclusion.

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