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Aija Anisimova: On the Second Order Rational Difference Equation $x_{n+1}=\beta+\frac{1}{x_n x_{n-1}}$.- Dmitry Batenkov, Gal Binyamini: Moment vanishing of piecewise solutions of linear ODEs.- Inese Bula: Periodic Solutions of the Second Order Quadratic Rational Difference Equation $x_{n+1}=\frac{\alpha}{(1+x_n)x_{n-1}}$.- Antonio Cascales, Francisco Balibrea: Li-Yorke chaos in perturbed rational difference equations.- Robert L. Devaney, Daniel Cuzzocreo: Simple Mandelpinski Necklaces for $z^2 + \lambda/z^2$.- João P. Pais Almeida, Miguel Ferreira, Bruno Oliveira, Alberto Pinto: R&D Dynamics with Asymmetric Efficiency.- Armengol Gasull, Anna Cima, Víctor Mañosa, Francesc Mañosas: Different approaches to the global periodicity problem.- Marina Gonchenko, Amadeu Delsham, Sergey Gonchenko: On Bifurcations of Homoclinic Tangencies in Area-Preserving Maps on Non-Orientable Manifolds.- Goran Hognas: A compact invariant set for the Ricker competition model.- Goran Hognas: On a stochastic Ricker competition model.- José Martins, Nilanjan Banik, Alberto Pinto: A repeated strategy for dumping.- Marko Kostic: Hypercyclic and Topologically Mixing Properties of Certain Classes of Abstract Time-Fractional Equations.- Jaume Llibre, Juan Luis García Guirao: Periods of homeomorphisms on closed surfaces.- Joao Lopes Dias, Gianluigi Del Magno, Pedro Duarte, Jose Pedro Gaivao, Diogo Pinheiro: Polygonal billiards with a contractive reflection law: a review of some hyperbolic properties.- Hideaki Matsunaga: Asymptotic representation of solutions of linear autonomous difference equations.- Rafael Ortega: Translation arcs and stability in two dimensions.- Pedro J. Miana: Integrated exponential functions, the Weyl fractional calculus and the Laplace transform.- Marc Rogalski, Guy Bastien: A QRT-system of two order one homographic difference equations: conjugation to rotations, periods of periodic solutions, sensitiveness to initial conditions.- Sanja Zivanovic Gonzalez, Lev Kapitanski: Continuous Limit in Dynamics with Choice.- Guillermo Sienra, Patricia Dominguez: Some Pinching deformations of the Fatou function.- Jakub Sotola: Answers to some problems on self-similar sets and the open set condition.- Yosef Yomdin, Dmitry Batenkov: Taylor Domination, Difference Equations, and Bautin Ideals.- Víctor Mañosa, Guy Bastien, Marc Rogalski: On the set of periods of the $2$-periodic Lyness' Equation.

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