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Experimental Validation of an Enhanced System Synthesis Approach.- Stochastic Dynamic Programming Solution of a Risk-Adjusted Disaster Preparedness and Relief Distribution Problem.- Solution Approaches for the Double-Row Equidistant Facility Layout Problem.- Simulation of the System-Wide Impact of Power-to-Gas Energy Storages by Multi-Stage Optimization.- An Approximation Result for Matchings in Partitioned Hypergraphs.- On Class Imbalancy Correction for Classification Algorithms in Credit Scoring.- The Exact Solution of Multi-Period Portfolio Choice Problem with Exponential Utility.- On the Discriminative Power of Tournament Solutions.- An actor-oriented approach to evaluate climate policies with regard to resource intensive industries.- Upper Bounds for Heuristic Approaches to the Strip Packing Problem.- An Approximative Lexicographic Min-Max Approach to the Discrete Facility Location Problem.- Effects of Profit Taxes in Matrix Games.- Extension and application of a general pickup and delivery model for evaluating the impact of bundling goods in an urban environment.- Optimizing time slot allocation in single operator home delivery problems.- Robust Scheduling with Logic-Based Benders Decomposition.- Optimal Adaptation Process of Emergency Medical Services Systems in a Changing Environment.- Strategic network planning of recycling of photovoltaic modules.- Designing a Feedback Control System via Mixed-Integer Programming.- Fair Cyclic Roster Planning - A Case Study for a Large European Airport.- Why Does a Railway Infrastructure Company Need an Optimized Train Path Assignment for Industrialized Timetabling?.- A Polyhedral Study of the Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem.- New inequalities for 1D relaxations of the 2D rectangular strip packing problem.- Representing Production Scheduling with Constraint Answer Set Programming.- Day-ahead versus Intraday Valuation of Flexibility for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems.- A Real Options Model for the Disinvestment in Conventional Power Plants.- Political Districting for Elections to the German Bundestag: An Optimization-Based Multi-Stage Heuristic Respecting Administrative Boundaries.- Duality for multiobjective semidefinite optimization problems.- Algorithms for Controlling Palletizers.- Capital Budgeting Problems: A parameterized point of view.- How to increase robustness of capable-to-promise - A numerical analysis of preventive measures.- A Variable Neighborhood Search for a Re-entrant Flow Shop Scheduling Problem.- Selecting delivery patterns for grocery chains.- Towards a Customer-oriented Queuing in Service Incident Management.- A Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithm for Modularity Maximization Problem.- Row and Column Generation Algorithm for Maximization of Minimum Margin for Ranking Problems.- Dual sourcing inventory model with uncertain supply and advance capacity information.- Integrated Line Planning and Passenger Routing: Connectivity and Transfers.- Robust discrete optimization problems with the WOWA criterion.- Robust single machine scheduling problem with weighted number of late jobs criterion.- Price of Anarchy in the Link Destruction (Adversary) Model.- Decision support system for week programm planning.- On Multi-Product Lot-Sizing and Scheduling with Multi-Machine Technologies.- Condition-Based Maintenance Policies for Modular Monotic Multi-State Systems.- An Optimization Model and a Decision Support System to Optimize Car Sharing Stations with Electric Vehicles.- Optimising energy procurement for small and medium-sized enterprises.- Approximation Schemes for Robust Makespan Scheduling Problems.- The price of fairness for a small number of indivisible items.- Robustness Concepts for Knapsack and Network Design Problems under Data Uncertainty.- An Insight to Aviation: Rostering Ground Personnel in Practice.- Consensus Information and Consensus Rating - A Note on Methodological Problems of Rating Aggregation.- Integration of Prospect Theory into the outranking approach PROMETHEE.- Multistage Optimization with the help of Quantified Linear Programming.- Analysis of Ambulance Location Models Using Discrete Event Simulation.- Tight upper bounds on the cardinality constrained mean-variance portfolio optimization problem using truncated eigendecomposition.- Scheduling identical parallel machines with a fixed number of delivery dates.- Kinetic Models For Assembly Lines In Automotive Industries.- Optimization of Vehicle Routes with Delivery and Pickup for a Rental Business: A Case Study.- An Ant Colony System Adaptation to Deal with Accessibility Issues after a Disaster.- Modelling and Solving a Train Path Assignment Model.- A New Approach to Freight Consolidation For a Real-World Pickup-and-Delivery Problem.- High Multiplicity Scheduling with Switching Costs for few Products.- Sampling-based objective function evaluation techniques for the Orienteering Problem with Stochastic Travel and Service Times.- Optimized Pattern Design for Photovoltaic Power Stations.- What Are New Insights Using Optimized Train Path Assignment for the Development of Railway Infrastructure?.- The Cycle Embedding Problem.- Dispatch of a wind farm with a battery storage.- Exact algorithms for the vehicle routing problem with soft time windows.- Impact of heat storage capacity on CHP unit commitment under power price uncertainties.- Optimizing Information Security Investments With Limited Budget.- Cut-first Branch-and-Price second for the Capacitated Arc-Routing Problem.- Solving a rich position-based model for dairy products.- A European Investment and Dispatch Model for Determining Cost Minimal Power Systems with High Shares of Renewable Energy.- Pre-selection Strategies for Dynamic Collaborative Transportation Planning Problems.- Optimal operation of a CHP plant for the energy balancing market.- Gas network extension planning for multiple demand scenarios.- Impacts of electricity consumers' unit commitment on low voltage networks.- Congestion Games with Multi-Dimensional Demands.- Unit Commitment by Column Generation.- Parallel Algorithm Portfolio with Market Trading-based Time Allocation.- Global Solution of Bilevel Programming Problems.- Robustness to Time Discretization Errors in Water Network Optimization.- Forecasting intermittent demand with generalized state-space model.- Optimal Renewal and Electrification Strategy for Commercial Car Fleets in Germany.- A Time-Indexed Generalized Vehicle Routing Model for Military Aircraft Mission Planning.- Adapting exact and heuristic procedures in solving an NP-hard sequencing problem.- Strategic deterrence of terrorist attacks.- Optimal Airline Networks, Flight Volumes, and the Number of Crafts for New Low-cost Carrier in Japan.- Variable Speed in Vertical Flight Planning.- A Fast Greedy Algorithm for the Relocation Problem.- Multicriteria Group Choice via Majority Preference Relation Based on Cone Individual Preference Relations.

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