Table of contents for Engineering mechanics. Dynamics / Andrew Pytel, Jaan Kiusasalaas.

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11. INTRODUCTION TO DYNAMICS Introduction / Derivatives of Vector Functions / Position, Velocity, and Acceleration of a Particle / Newtonian Mechanics 12. DYNAMICS OF A PARTICLE: RECTANGULAR COORDINATES Introduction / Kinematics / Kinematics: Force-Mass-Acceleration Method / Dynamics of Rectilinear Motion / Superposition of Rectilinear Motions / Motion Diagrams by the Area Method / Numerical Integration of a Second-Order Differential Equation / Numerical Integration of Coupled Second-Order Differential Equations 13. DYNAMICS OF A PARTICLE: CURVILINEAR COORDINATES Introduction / Kinematics - Path (Normal-Tangential) Coordinates / Kinematics - Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates / Kinetics: Force-Mass-Acceleration Method / Numerical Integration: Curvilinear Coordinates 14. WORK-ENERGY AND IMPULSE-MOMENTUM PRINCIPLE FOR A PARTICLE Introduction / Work of a Force / Principle of Work and Kinetic Energy / Conservative Force and the Conservation of Mechanical Energy / Power and Efficiency / Principle of Impulse and Momentum / Principle of Angular Impulse and Momentum / Space Motion under a Gravitational Force 15. DYNAMICS OF PARTICLE SYSTEMS Introduction / Kinematics of Relative Motion / Kinematics of Constrained Motion / Kinetics: Force-Mass-Acceleration Method / Work-Energy Principles / Principle of Impulse and Momentum / Principle of Angular Impulse and Momentum / Plastic Impact / Impulsive Motion / Elastic Impact / Mass Flow 16. PLANAR KINEMATICS OF RIGID BODIES Introduction / Plane Angular Motion / Rotation about a Fixed Axis / Relative Motion of Two Points in a Rigid Body / Method of Relative Velocity / Instant Center for Velocities / Method of Relative Acceleration / Absolute and Relative Derivatives of Vectors / Motion Relative to a Rotating Reference Frame / Method of Constraints 17. PLANAR KINETICS OF RIGID BODIES: FORCE-MASS-ACCELERATION METHOD Introduction / Mass Moment of Inertia; Composite Bodies / Angular Momentum of a Rigid Body / Equations of Plane Motion / Force-Mass-Acceleration Method: Plane Motion / Differential Equations of Motion 18. PLANAR KINETICS OF RIGID BODIES: WORK-ENERGY AND IMPULSE-MOMENTUM METHODS Part A: Work-Energy Method / Introduction / Work and Power of a Couple / Kinetic Energy of a Rigid Body / Work-Energy Principle and Conservation of Mechanical Energy / Part B: Impulse-Momentum Method / Momentum Diagrams / Impulse-Momentum Principles / Rigid-Body Impact 19. RIGID-BODY DYNAMICS IN THREE DIMENSIONS Introduction / Kinematics / Impulse-Momentum Method / Work-Energy Method / Force-Mass-Acceleration Method / Motion of an Axisymmetric Body 20. VIBRATIONS Introduction / Undamped Free Vibrations of Particles / Undamped Forced Vibrations of Particles / Damped Free Vibrations of Particles / Rigid-Body Vibrations / Energy Method and Rayleigh''''s Method / APPENDICES / D. PROOF OF THE RELATIVE VELOCITY EQUATION FOR RIGID-BODY MOTION / E. NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION / Introduction / Central Difference Formulas with Error of Order (delta x) Squared / F. MASS MOMENTS AND PRODUCTS OF INERTIA / Introduction / Review of Mass Moment of Inertia / Moments of Inertia of Thin Plates / Mass Moment of Inertia by Integration / Mass Products of Inertia; Parallel-Axis Theorems / Products of Inertia by Integration; Thin Plates / Inertia Tensor; Moment of Inertia about an Arbitrary Axis / Principle Moments and Principle Axes of Inertia / ANSWERS / INDEX

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