Table of contents for Chinese securities companies : an analysis of economic growth, financial structure transformation, and future development / Wu Xiaoqiu.

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Core Points of View xi
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xv
Economic Growth, Financial Restructuring, and Prospects of Securities Companies 1
Understanding the Economic Trends of China from a Securities Firm’s Perspective 1
The Evolution of Chinese Financial Structure in the Future 11
Core Competitive Edge 18
References 21
CHAPTER 1 Review and Judgment of Historical Roles of Chinese Securities Companies 23
The Birth and Growth of Chinese Securities Companies—A Brief History 25
Review of the Pros and Cons of Chinese Securities Companies 43
Historic Contributions of Chinese Securities Firms 46
Case Studies: Typical Chinese Securities Firms 72
References 93
CHAPTER 2 Analysis of Functions of Chinese Securities Companies 95
Theoretical Analysis of Financial Functionality 96
Functional Orientation for Securities Firms 101
Change of the Chinese Depository System for Security Deposits and How Chinese Securities Firms Function 113
Institutional Change and Functional Evolution for Chinese Securities Firms—An Analysis with Particular
Interest in the Function of an Underwriter’s Goodwill 120
References 140
CHAPTER 3 Analysis of the Management Model of Chinese Securities Companies 143
Introduction 144
Organization and Management in Investment Banks: A General Analysis Based on Institutional Banking and Functional Banking 146
Organization and Management in Chinese Securities Firms: A Historical and Theoretical Review 156
Selection of Models (Goals) for Change of Organization and Management in Chinese Securities Firms 169
Some Ideas of Overall Policy for Future Organizational and Management Transformation in Chinese Securities Firms 191
References 201
CHAPTER 4 Analysis of the Profi t Model of Chinese Securities Companies 203
Theoretical Analysis of Profi tability Models 204
Profitability Structures of Chinese Securities Companies 210
Profit Methods of the Main Business of Securities Companies 218
Characteristics of the Profitability Model of Securities Companies 234
Construction of New Profitability Models 237
Case Studies 253
References 264
CHAPTER 5 Analysis of Risk Management in Chinese Securities Companies 267
Status Quo and Trend Analysis of Risk Management in Securities Companies 268
Management of Risks Associated with Traditional Business of Chinese Securities Companies 286
Management of Risks Associated with Innovative Business of Securities Companies 307
References 316
CHAPTER 6 Analysis on Structure and Competitiveness of Talent in Chinese Securities Companies 317
Development Trend and Core Competitive Strength in the Securities Industry 317
Demand for Talents in the Development of the Securities Industry 321
Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages of Wealth Management Talent in the Securities Industry 328
Effective Talent Management in Securities Companies 339
References 347
CHAPTER 7 Analysis of Sponsor Regime for Chinese Securities Companies 349
Origin and Development of the Sponsor Regime in China 349
Analysis of Punishments Imposed by the CSRC on Rule-Breaching Sponsors 359
Rule Breaking Sponsor—Case Studies 378
Intrinsic Flaw of the Sponsor System: Imbalance between Profi t and Risk 386
Direction for Sponsor System Reform 390
References 394
CHAPTER 8 Experience and Lessons from International Investment Banks (Securities Companies) in Mature Markets 397
Overview of the Development History of Investment Banks in the Mature Overseas Market 397
Analysis of Investment Bank Regulation in Mature Overseas Markets 410
Analysis of the Organizational Structures of Investment Banks in Mature International Markets 416
Analysis of Business Structures of Investment Banks in Mature International Markets 435
Analysis of the Internal Control of Investment Banks in Mature International Markets 448
What China Can Learn from the Development of Investment Banks in Mature International Markets 467
References 476
CHAPTER 9 Future Development and Reform Focuses of Chinese Securities Companies—General Principle 479
Some Directions for the Future Development of Chinese Securities Firms 480
Some Priorities of Future Reform in Chinese Securities Firms 496
References 510
About the Author 513
Index 515

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