Table of contents for Number theory and related fields : in memory of Alf van der Poorten / Jonathan M. Borwein, Igor Shparlinski, Wadim Zudilin, editors.

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Preface.- Life and Mathematics of Alfred Jacobus van der Poorten (D. Hunt).- Ramanujan-Sato-Like Series (G. Almkvist, J. Guillera).- On the Sign of the Real Part of the Riemann Zeta Function (J. Arias de Reyna, R.P. Brent, J. van de Lune).- Additive Combinatorics with a View Toward Computer Science and Cryptography (K. Bibak).- Transcendence of Stammering Continued Fractions (Y. Bugeaud).- Algebraic Independence of Infinite Products and Their Derivatives (P. Bundschuh).- Small Representations by Indefinite Ternary Quadratic Forms (J.B. Friedlander, H. Iwaniec).- Congruences for Andrews' SPT-Function Modulo 32760 and Extension of Atkin's Hecke-Type Partition Congruences (F.G. Garvan).- Continued Fractions and Dedekind Sums for Function Fields (Y. Hamahata).- Burgess's Bounds for Character Sums (D.R. Heath-Brown).-Structured Hadamard Conjecture (I.S. Kotsireas).- Families of Cubic Thue Equations with Effective Bounds for the Solutions (C. Levesque, M. Waldschmidt).- Consequences of a Factorization Theorem for Generalized Exponential Polynomials with Infinitely Many Integer Zeros (V. Laohakosol, O. Phuksuwan).- On Balanced Subgroups of the Multiplicative Group (C. Pomerance, D. Ulmer).- Some Extensions of the Lucas Functions (E.L. Roettger, H.C. Williams, R.K. Guy).- The Impact of Number Theory and Computer-Aided Mathematics on Solving the Hadamard Matrix Conjecture (J. Seberry).- Description of Generalized Continued Fractions by Finite Automata (J. Shallit).- Some Notes on Weighted Sum Formulae for Double Zeta Values (J. Wan).- Period(d)ness of L-Values (W. Zudilin).

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Van Der Poorten, A. J.