Table of contents for Philosophy : a historical survey with essential readings / Samuel Enoch Stumpf, late of Vanderbilt University, James Fieser, University of Tennessee at Martin.

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Philosophy: History and Readings, 9e

Part OneANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHY,Chapter 1 Socrates’s PredecessorsWhat Is Permanent in Existence?The Mathematical Basis of All Things Attempts To Explain ChangeThe AtomistsChapter 2 The Sophists and SocratesThe Sophists Protagoras Gorgias ThrasymachusSocratesSocrates’s LifeSocrates as a PhilosopherChapter 3 PlatoPlato’s LifeTheory of KnowledgeMoral PhilosophyPolitical PhilosophyView of the CosmosChapter 4 AristotleAristotle’s LifeLogicMetaphysicsThe Place of Humans: Physics, Biology, and PsychologyEthicsPoliticsPhilosophy of ArtPart TwoHELLENISTIC AND MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHYChapter 5 Classical Philosophy after AristotleEpicureanismStoicismSkepticismPlotinusChapter 6 AugustineAugustine’s LifeHuman KnowledgeGodThe Created WorldMoral Philosophy JusticeHistory and the Two CitiesChapter 7 Philosophy in the Early Middle AgesBoethiusPseudo-DionysiusErigenaNew Solutions to the Problem of UniversalsAnselm’s Ontological ArgumentFaith and Reason in Muslim and Jewish ThoughtChapter 8 Aquinas and His Late Medieval SuccessorsAquinas’s LifePhilosophy and TheologyProofs of God’s ExistenceKnowledge of God’s NatureCreationMorality and Natural LawThe StateHuman Nature and KnowledgeScotus, Ockham, and EckhartPart ThreeEARLY MODERN PHILOSOPHYChapter 9 Philosophy during the RenaissanceThe Closing of the Middle AgesHumanism and the Italian RenaissanceThe ReformationSkepticism and FaithThe Scientific RevolutionBaconHobbesChapter 10 Rationalism on the ContinentDescartesSpinozaLeibnizChapter 11 Empiricism in BritainLockeBerkeleyHumeChapter 12 Enlightenment PhilosophyDeism and AtheismRousseauReidPart FourLATE MODERN AND NINETEENTHCENTURY PHILOSOPHYChapter 13 KantKant’s LifeThe Shaping of Kant’s ProblemKant’s Critical Philosophy and His Copernican RevolutionThe Structure of Rational ThoughtPractical ReasonAesthetics: The BeautifulChapter 14 German IdealismKant’s Impact On German Thought HegelSchopenhauerChapter 15 Utilitarianism and PositivismBenthamJohn Stuart MillComteChapter 16 Kierkegaard, Marx, and NietzscheKierkegaardMarxNietzschePart FiveTWENTIETH CENTURYAND CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHYChapter 17 Pragmatism and Process PhilosophyPragmatismPeirce JamesDeweyProcess PhilosophyBergsonWhiteheadChapter 18 Analytic PhilosophyRussellRussell’s MissionLogical AtomismProblems with Logical AtomismLogical PositivismWittgensteinAustinChapter 19 Phenomenology and ExistentialismHusserlHeideggerReligious ExistentialismSartreMerleau-PontyChapter 20 Recent PhilosophyThe Mind-Body ProblemRortyVirtue Theory RevisitedContinental PhilosophyPolitical Philosophy

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