Table of contents for Abstract and concrete categories : the joy of cats / Jiri Adamek, Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker.

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Preface to the 2004 Edition
0 Introduction
1 Motivation
2 Foundations
I Categories, Functors, and Natural Transformations
3 Categories and functors
4 Subcategories
5 Concrete categories and concrete functors
6 Natural transformations
II Objects and Morphisms
7 Objects and morphisms in abstract categories
8 Objects and morphisms in concrete categories
9 Injective objects and essential embeddings
III Sources and Sinks
10 Sources and sinks
11 Limits and colimits
12 Completeness and cocompleteness
13 Functors and limits
IV Factorization Structures
14 Factorization structures for morphisms
15 Factorization structures for sources
16 E-reflective subcategories
17 Factorization structures for functors
V Adjoints and Monads
18 Adjoint functors
19 Adjoint situations
20 Monads
VI Topological and Algebraic Categories
21 Topological categories
22 Topological structure theorems
23 Algebraic categories
24 Algebraic structure theorems
25 Topologically algebraic categories
26 Topologically algebraic structure theorems
VII Cartesian Closedness and Partial Morphisms
27 Cartesian closed categories
28 Partial morphisms, quasitopoi, and topological universes
Functors and morphisms: Preservation properties
Functors and morphisms: Reflection properties
Functors and limits
Functors and colimits
Stability properties of special epimorphisms
Table of Categories
Table of Symbols

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Categories (Mathematics)