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1. "Sovereignty of South Carolina," Address to People of Slaveholding States, 1860
2. First Inaugural Address, President Lincoln, 1861
3. Recruitment Proclamation, Virginia Governor Letcher, 1861
4. Proclamation to People of Virginia, Beauregard, 1861
5. Response to the Virginia Call for Soldiers, P. St. G. Cooke, 1861
6. Address Objecting to Secession, Convention at Wheeling, 1861
7. Letter on First Manassas, by "Stonewall" Jackson, 1861
8. Address Congratulating Army of the West by McClellan, 1861
9. "Contraband" Query by Butler to Secretary Cameron, 1861
10. Recruitment Proclamation to the People of Missouri, by Thompson, 1861
11. Proclamation of Martial Law in Missouri by Fre;mont, 1861
Letter from Lincoln to Fre;mont, 1861
Retaliatory Proclamation by Thompson, 1861
12. Surrender at Fort Donelson, Correspondence between Buckner and Grant, 1862
13. Address to People of Georgia, Howell Cobbs et al., 1862
14. Order Respecting Bell-Metal by Gen. Beauregard, 1862
15. Report on U.S.S. Monitor and Merrimack Fight, G. J. Van Brunt, 1862
16. Address to Army of the Potomac, McClellan, 1862
17. "The War and How to End It," Frederick Douglass, 1862
18. Report on Battle at Pittsburgh Landing (Shiloh), Grant, 1862
On Burying the Dead, Correspondence between Beauregard and Grant, 1862
19. Capture of New Orleans, Farragut and Porter, 1862
20. Confederate Call to Destroy Cotton, Secretary of War Randolph and J. G. Pickett, 1862
21. Correspondence of Butler and Farragut with with of Vicksburg, 1862
22. Report on Morse Magnetic Telegraph and Balloon Reconnaissance, 1862
23. Address by Morgan to His Guerillas after Defeat of Union Cavalry, 1862
24. Despatches on Bull Run from Lee to Davis, 1862
25. Proclamation to People of Maryland by Lee, 1862
26. Despatch on Antietam by Joseph Hooker, 1862
27. Measure by Miss. House of Reps. on Retaliation for Emancipation Proclamation, 1862
28. Letter after Antietam from Lincoln to McClellan, 1862
29. Appeal for Army, by N. Carolina Governor Vance, 1862
30. Farewell Address to Army of the Potomac, by McClellan, 1862
31. Report on Union Army's Horses, 1862
32. Final Emancipation Proclamation, 1863
33. Report on Destruction of the U.S.S. Hatteras, by Capt. Semmes, 1863
34. Vicksburg Siege Diary of John W. Sattenwhite, 1863
35. Official Correspondence Ending Siege of Vicksburg between Grant and Pemberton, 1863
Parole Form for Confederate Officers and Soldiers, 1863
36. Address to Army of N. Virginia on Advance into Pennsylvania by Lee, 1863
37. Address on Taking Command of Army of Potomac by Meade, 1863
38. Account of Battle of Gettysburg by Union Sergeant Plummer, 1863
39. Morgan's Raid through Kentucky by R. A. Alston, 1863
40. Offer of Resignation by Lee to Davis; Reply by Davis, 1863
41. Lincoln's letter to Rep. Conkling on Dissatisfaction with His Presidency, 1863
42. Statement by William Kempf on Massacre of Union Sympathizers in Lawrence, Kansas, 1863
43. Union War Department General Order on Enlistment of Colored Troops, 1863
44. Gettysburg Address, 1863
45. Letter on "Secesh," W. T. Sherman, 1864
46. Witness Testimony on Fort Pillow Massacre, 1864
47. "The Returned Prisoners," War Testimony by Surgeon Van Derkieft, 1864
48. Wilderness Campaign Report, Longstreet, 1864
49. Battle at Cold Harbor, by Union soldier George E. Place, 1864
50. Report on Sinking of Alabama, by Capt. Winslow, 1864
51. Letter from Sherman to Atlanta, 1864
52. Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, 1865
53. Correspondence on Surrender between Grant and Lee
54. Lee's Farewell Address to His Army, 1865
55. Lincoln's Last Public Address, 1865
56. Telegraph Message on Assassination of Lincoln, from Stanton to Sherman, 1865
57. 13th Amendment to the Constitution, 1865

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