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Prologue.- Chapter 1 - Fusion Fundamentals.- Energy.- Some Simple Nuclear Physics.- Historical Origins of Fusion Research.- Why Pursue Fusion?.- Fusion Reactions.- The Lawson Criterion.- Heating.- Ohmic.- Compression.- Neutral Beams.- Radiofrequency.- Other Key Technologies.- Superconducting Magnets.- Materials.- Chapter 2 - Fusion Concepts.- Magnetic Bottles.- Pinch.- Mirror.- Stellarator.- Tokamak.- Inertial Confinement -- Microexplosions.- Laser Drivers.- Heavy Ion Driver.- Z-Pinch Driver.- Other Concepts.- Field Reversed Configuration.- Magneto-Inertial.- Inertial Electrostatic.- Chapter 3 - The Struggling Years - 1960s.- Magnetic Confinement Fusion.- The Tokamak.- Inertial Confinement Fusion.- Chapter 4 - The Glory Years – 1970s.- Tokamaks.- Planning.- Management.- Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR).- High Density Systems – Pinches.- Bumpy Torus.- Open Systems – Magnetic Mirrors.- The 1976 Magnetic Fusion Program Plan.- US Department of Energy (DOE).- Power Plant Designs.- Surpassing the Lawson Ideal Ignition Temperature in a Tokamak.- Fusion Power Associates.- Chapter 5 - The Carter Plan vs. The Reagan Agenda – 1980-1985.- The Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act of 1980.- The Pewitt Problem.- Kintner Resigns.- Mirrors and Bumpy Torus.- Inertial Confinement.- Management.- ERAB Review.- MFAC Strategy.- Ansel Adams.- William R. (Bill) Ellis.- Major Progress Event – Lawson n Achieved at MIT.- Tokamak Scaling.- More on Inertial Confinement.- Industrial Participation.- Retrenchment.- Trivelpiece Interview.- Budgets and Realities.- Chapter 6 - Successes and Disasters – 1985-1990.- Regrouping.- Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meeting.- The Declaration of Energy Independence.- Major Achievement – TFTR.- Inertial Confinement Fusion Review.- Major Achievement – Nova.- Halite-Centurion.- The Compact Ignition Tokamak (CIT).- The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).- Musical Chairs.- ARIES.- Congressional Testimony.- Major Achievement – Inertial Fusion.- The Arrival of Robert Hunter.- The CIT Fiasco.- Major Successes – DIII-D, JET.- More on Inertial Confinement Fusion.- Fusion Policy at the Department of Energy.- Chapter 7 - Hope for Resurgence – 1990-1995.- Input to Energy Secretary James D. Watkins.- Fusion Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC) Review Begins.- Bush-Gorbachev Summit Meeting.- PBS Film: Fire from the Sun.- FPAC Reports.- Budget Cut.- An Accelerated Fusion Power Development Plan.- 1991 National Energy Strategy.- New Fusion Energy Advisory Committee (FEAC).- Major Advance – DIII-D.- Happer at the Helm.- Major Achievement – JET.- ITER Moves Forward.- Another Fusion Law.- The 1992 and 1994 EPRI Fusion Reviews.- Inertial Fusion and Beginnings of the NIF.- Major Accomplishment – TFTR.- Signs of Trouble.- Chapter 8 - Financial Tsunami – 1995-1999.- Contract with America.- The National Ignition Facility (NIF).- The 1995 PCAST Fusion Review.- Congress Takes Aim.- Industry Groups Respond.- Fusion Energy Mission Abandoned.- TPX Reborn as KSTAR.- Major Advances – Tore Supra, Z, JET.- 1997 PCAST Energy Report.- Pathways to Fusion Power Symposium.- Farewell to TFTR.- Fusion Community Attempts to Regroup.- Congress Orders US Out of ITER Collaboration.- FPA Meeting: Cost-effective Steps to Fusion Power.- 1998-1999 SEAB Fusion Review.- 1999 Fusion Snowmass Meeting.- FESAC Comments on Fusion Program Priorities and Balance.- OMB View.- No Fusion Demonstration Power Plant by 2000.- Chapter 9 - The New Millennium: Science vs. Energy – 2000-2008.- National Energy Policy Development Group.- National Academies Report on the Quality of Fusion Science.- Burning Plasma Physics.- Major Advance – DIII-D.- ITER Rising?.- Fifty Years of US Fusion Research.- The High Average Power Laser (HAPL) Program.- The 2002 Fusion Summer Study.- Another Academies Fusion Review Panel.- US Rejoins ITER.- The 35-year Plan.- Report of the Burning Plasma Assessment Committee (BPAC).- Major Advances – Z, Omega, LHD.- ITER vs. the US Domestic Fusion Program.- Energy Policy Act of 2005.- Major Advances – NIF, HIF, Omega, EAST.- More Proposed US Domestic Fusion Budget Cuts.- Davies, Roberts, Willis Retire.- 2007 Inertial Fusion Energy Workshop.- Fifty Years of International Fusion Collaboration .- Chapter 10 - The Obama Administration – 2009-2012.- New Appointments.- Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE).- NIF Begins Operation and Looks Beyond Ignition.- Funding Improvement and Management Changes.- ITER Changes.- Magnetic Fusion Concepts Narrowing.- Magneto-Inertial Fusion Approach Gets a Boost.- Renewed Interest in Path to a Demonstration Power Plant.- Inertial Fusion Energy Review.- The FY 2013 US Fusion Program Dilemma.- ANS Fusion Energy Division Comments on FY 2013 Budget Proposal.- FESAC Launches Another Priorities Study.- Congressional Actions.- ITER Council Meets in Washington.- Uncertainties.- Chapter 11 - Applications.- Electric Power.- Hydrogen Production.- Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactors.- Fuel for Nuclear Fission Reactors.- Conversion of Nuclear Waste.- Processing of Other Wastes.- Desalination.- Spinoffs.- Chapter 12 - Engineering Challenges.- Materials.- Tritium .- Complexity.- Maintenance.- Cost.- Chapter 13 - Energy.- Primary Energy Consumption.- Oil.- Electricity.- Coal.- Natural Gas.- Hydro.- Nuclear.- Renewables.- Climate Change.- Supply and Demand.- Efficiency and Advanced Technologies.- Chapter 14 - Perspectives 2012.- Charles C. Baker.- N. Anne Davies.- William R. Ellis.- Richard D. Hazeltine.- Robert L. Hirsch.- B. Grant Logan.- Robert L. McCrory.- Dale M. Meade.- John H. Nuckolls.- Richard F. Post.- Fred L. Ribe.- John Sheffield.- Ken Tomabechi.- Alvin W. Trivelpiece.- Chapter 15 - The Ultimate Energy Source?.- Politics.- Progress .- Promise.- Epilogue.- Acknowledgements.- Recommended Reading and Information Resources.- References.- Persons Index.- Subject Index.

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