Table of contents for Foundations of parasitology / Larry S. Roberts, Texas Tech University, Emeritus, John Janovy, Jr., University Of Nebraska-Lincoln, Steve Nadler, University Of California, Davis.

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1 Introduction to Parasitology 2 Basic Principles and Concepts I: Parasite Systematics, Ecology and Evolution 3 Basic Principles and Concepts II: Immunology and Pathology 4 Parasitic Prototoa: Form, Function, and Classification 5 Kinetoplasta: Trypanosomes and Their Kin 6 Other Flagellated Protozoa 7 The Amebas 8 Phylum Apicomplexa: Gregarines, Coccidia, and Related Organisms 9 Phylum Apicomplexa: Malaria Organisms and Piroplasms 10 Phylum Ciliophora: Ciliated Protistan Parasites 11 Microsporida and Myxozoa: Parasites with Polar Filaments 12 The Mesozoa: Pioneers or Degenerates? 13 Introduction to Phylum Platyhelminthes 14 Trematoda: Aspidobothrea 15 Trematoda: Form, Function, and Classification of Digeneans 16 Digeneans: Strigeiformes 17 Digeneans: Echinostomatiformes 18 Digeneans: Plagiorchiformes and Opisthorchiformes 19 Monogenoidea 20 Cestoidea: Form, Function, and Classification of the Tapeworms 21 Tapeworms 22 Phylum Nematoda: Form, Function, and Classification 23 Nematodes: Trichinellida and Dioctophymatida, Enoplean Parasites 24 Nematodes: Tylenchina, Pioneering Parasites 25 Nematodes: Strongyloidea, Bursate Rhabditidans 26 Nematodes: Ascaridomorpha, Intestinal Large Roundworms 27 Nematodes: Oxyuridomorpha, Pinworms 28 Nematodes: Gnathostomatomorpha and Spiruromorpha, a Potpourri 29 Nematodes: Filaroidea, Filiarial Worms 30 Nematodes: Dracunculoidea, Guinea Worms and Others 31 Phylum Nematomorpha, Hairworms 32 Phylum Acanthocephala: Thorny-Headed Worms 33 Phylum Arthropoda: Form, Function, and Classification 34 Parasitic Crustaceans 35 Pentastomida: Tongue Worms 36 Parasitic Insects: Phthiraptera, Chewing and Sucking Lice37 Parasitic Insects: Hemiptera, Bugs 38 Parasitic Insects: Fleas, Order Siphonaptera 39 Parasitic Insects: Diptera, Flies 40 Parasitic Insects: Strepsiptera, Hymenoptera, and Others 41 Parasitic Arachnids: Subclass Acari, Ticks and Mites

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