Table of contents for A primer of Freudian psychology / Calvin S. Hall.

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A Primer of Freudian Psychology 1. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
I. Freud's Scientific Heritage
II. Freud Creates a Dynamic Psychology
III. What was Freud?

2. The Organization of Personality
I. The Id
II. The Ego
III. The Superego

3. The Dynamics of Personality
I. Psychic Energy

II. Instinct

III. The Distribution and Disposal of Psychic Energy
A. The Id
B. The Ego
C. The Superego

IV. Cathexis and Anti-Cathexis

V. Consciousness and Unconsciousness

VI. The Instincts

VII. Anxiety
A. Reality Anxiety
B. Neurotic Anxiety
C. Moral Anxiety

VIII. Summary

4. The Development of Personality
I. Identification

II. Displacement and Sublimation

III. Defense Mechanisms of the Ego
A. Repression
B. Projection
C. Reaction Formation
D. Fixation
E. Regression
F. General Characteristics of the Defense Mechanisms

IV. Transformation of the Instincts

V. The Development of the Sexual Instinct
A. The Oral Zone
B. The Anal Zone
C. The Sexual Zone
1. The Male Phallic Stage
2. The Female Phallic Stage
D. Genital Sexuality

VI. Summary

5. The Stabilized Personality

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