Table of contents for The Apocryphal Gospels : texts and translations / Bart D. Ehrman and Zlatko Plese.

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Infancy Gospels
Infancy Gospel of Thomas
Infancy Gospel of Thomas C
Proto-Gospel of James
Gospel of Pseudo Matthew
Latin Infancy Gospels
Coptic History of Joseph the Carpenter
Ministry Gospels
Jewish Christian Gospels
Gospel of the Nazareans
Gospel of the Ebionites
Gospel according to the Hebrews
Gospel of the Egyptians
A Gospel Harmony: The Diatesseron
Papyrus Berlin 11710
Papyrus Cairensis 10735
Papyrus Egerton 2
Papyrus Merton 51
P Oxy 210
P Oxy 840
P Oxy 1224
P Oxy 2949
P Oxy 4009
P Vindob G 2325
Sayings Gospels and Agrapha
Gospel of Thomas
Gospel of Thomas: Greek fragments
Passion / Resurrection/ and Post-Resurrection Gospels
Gospel of Peter
Gospel of Judas
Abgar Legend
Gospel of Nicodemus A
Gospel of Nicodemus B
Report of Pilate
Handing over of Pilate
Letter of Pilate to Claudius
Letter of Pilate to Herod
Letter of Herod to Pilate
Letter of Tiberius to Pilate
Vindicta Salvatoris
Mors Pilati
Narrative of Joseph of Arimathea
Gospel of Mary
Gospel of Mary: Greek fragments
Greater Questions of Mary

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Apocryphal Gospels.
Apocryphal books (New Testament)