Table of contents for Jewelry lab : experiments, investigations, and explorations in metal / Melissa Manley.

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Getting Started

Making an Impact

Lab 1: Texturing with Hammers

Lab 2: Found Texture

Lab 3: Homemade Texture Hammers

Lab 4: Simple Forged Cuff

Lab 5: Patterns with Letter Stamps

Leaving an Impression

Lab 6: Etching with a Paint Pen

Lab 7: Blue Magic! Etching with PNP

Lab 8: Spray Paint as a Resist

Lab 9: Etching a Texture Plate on Steel

Rolling with the Flow

Lab 10: Rolling Natural Material

Lab 11: Using Etched Plates on a Roll Mill

Lab 12: Using Stickers with a Mill

Lab 13: Using Paper Punches

Lab 14: Commercial Stampings


Lab 15: Making Fold-Form Leaves

Lab 16: Making Fold-Form Boats

Lab 17: Fold-Form Cuff

Lab 18: Form to Die For

Making Connections

Lab 19: Tube Rivets

Lab 20: Standard Rivets

Lab 21: Cold-Joining Plastics

Lab 22: Recycling Tin

Lab 23: Recycling Street Signs

Lab 24: Mini Bolts for Jewelry

Lab 25: Pop Rivets

Lab 26: Tabs

Lab 27: Trapping Objects


Lab 28: I'm with the Band (Ring)

Lab 29: Stop, Dap, and Trap

Lab 30: Sweat Soldering

Lab 31: Hollow Forms from Domes

Lab 32: Round Bezels

Lab 33: Square Bezels

Lab 34: Simple Hinge

Using Color on Metals

Lab 35: Home Ammonia Patinas

Lab 36: Colored Pencil on Metal

Lab 37: Peanut Oil Patina

Lab 38: Contrasting Finishes

Lab 39: Flame Patina on Copper

Lab 40: Torch-Fired Enamel


Lab 41: Simple Chain

Lab 42: Bails

Lab 43: Toggles

Lab 44: Hooks and Ear Wires

Alternative Methods and Materials

Lab 45: Faux Concrete

Lab 46: Plastic Alteration

Lab 47: Plasti Dip

Lab 48: Trapping Felt and Fabric

Lab 49: Moss in Jewelry

Lab 50: Using Sausage Casings

Lab 51: Sewing and Embroidery

Lab 52: Vegan Ivory


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