Table of contents for Fundamentals of momentum, heat, and mass transfer / James R. Welty ... [et al.].

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Momentum Transfer

Chapter 2: Fluid Statics

Chapter 3: Description of a Fluid in Motion

Chapter 4: Conservation of Mass: Control-Volume Approach

Chapter 5: Newton's Second Law of Motion: Control-Volume Approach

Chapter 6: Conservation of Energy: Control-Volume Approach

Chapter 7: Shear Stress in Laminar Flow

Chapter 8: Analysis of a Differential Fluid Element in Laminar Flow

Chapter 9: Differential Equations of Fluid Flow

Chapter 10: Inviscid Fluid Flow

Chapter 11: Dimensional Analysis and Similitude

Chapter 12: Viscous Flow

Chapter 13: Flow in Closed Conduits

Chapter 14: Fluid Machinery

Chapter 15: Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

Chapter 16: Differential Equations of Heat Transfer

Chapter 17: Steady-State Conduction

Chapter 18: Unsteady-State Conduction

Chapter 19: Convective Heat Transfer

Chapter 20: Convective Heat-Transfer Correlations

Chapter 21: Boiling and Condensation

Chapter 22: Heat-Transfer Equipment

Chapter 23: Radiation Heat Transfer

Chapter 24: Fundmentals of Mass Transfer

Chapter 25: Differential Equations of Mass Transfer

Chapter 26: Steady-State Molecular Diffusion

Chapter 27: Unsteady-State Molecular Diffusion

Chapter 28: Convective Mass Transfer

Chapter 29: Convective Mass Transfer Between Phases

Chapter 30: Convective Mass-Transfer Correlations

Chapter 31: Mass-Transfer Equipment

A. Transformations of the Operators = and =2 to Cylindrical Coordinates

B. Summary of Differential Vector Operations in Various Coordinate Systems

C. Symmetry of the Stress Tensor

D. The Viscous Contribution to the Normal Stress

E. The Navier-Stokes Equations for Constant b and m in Cartesian,

Cylindrical, and Spherical Coordinates

F. Charts for Solution of Unsteady Transport Problems

G. Properties of the Standard Atmosphere

H. Physical Properties of Solids

I. Physical Properties of Gases and Liquids

J. Mass-Transfer Diffusion Coefficients in Binary Systems

K. Lennard-Jones Constants

L. The Error Function

M. Standard Pipe Sizes

N. Standard Tubing Gages

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Fluid mechanics.
Heat -- Transmission.
Mass transfer.