Table of contents for Animal camouflage : mechanisms and function / edited by Martin Stevens, Sami Merilaita.

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1. Animal camouflage: an introduction Martin Stevens and Sami Merilaita; 2. Crypsis through background matching Sami Merilaita and Martin Stevens; 3. The concealment of body parts through coincident disruptive coloration Innes C. Cuthill and Aron Sze;kely; 4. The history, theory and evidence for a cryptic function of countershading Hannah M. Rowland; 5. Camouflage breaking mathematical operator and countershading Ariel Tankus and Yehezkel Yeshurun; 6. Revisiting Abbott H. Thayer: non-scientific reflections about camouflage in art, war and zoology Roy R. Behrens; 7. Camouflage behaviour and body orientation on backgrounds containing directional patterns Richard J. Webster, Alison Callahan, Jean-Guy J. Godin and Thomas N. Sherratt; 8. Camouflage and visual perception Tom Troscianko, Christopher P. Benton, P. George Lovell, David J. Tolhurst and Zygmunt Pizlo; 9. Rapid adaptive camouflage in cephalopods R. T. Hanlon, C. C. Chiao, L. M. Ma;thger, K. C. Buresch, A. Barbosa, J. J. Allen, L. Siemann and C. Chubb; 10. What can camouflage tell us about non-human visual perception? A case study of multiple cue use in the cuttlefish Sarah Zylinski and Daniel Osorio; 11. Camouflage in marine fish Justin Marshall and Sönke Johnsen; 12. Camouflage in decorator crabs: integrating ecological, behavioural and evolutionary approaches Kristin Hultgren and John J. Stachowicz; 13. Camouflage in colour changing animals: trade-offs and constraints Devi Stuart-Fox and Adnan Moussalli; 14. The multiple disguises of spiders Marc The;ry, Teresita C. Insausti, Je;re;my Defrize and Je;rôme Casas; 15. Effects of animal camouflage on the evolution of live backgrounds Kevin R. Abbott and Reuven Dukas; 16. The functions of black and white colouration in mammals: review and synthesis Tim Caro; 17. Evidence for camouflage involving senses other than vision Graeme D. Ruxton; Index.

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