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The definitive book on the Fairtax and its potential to save the U.S. economy

In the century since it was created, the federal income tax--originally intended as a simple way to soak the rich for their "fair share"--has grown into a monster that threatens the well-being of average American citizens and business owners as well as the very foundations of our economy and our democracy.

But there's a better solution: the FairTax--a flat sales tax on all new goods and services. It is based on the idea that the federal government should stop taxing what goes into our economy--earnings, savings, and investments--and start taxing what comes out: consumption. The FairTax produces the same amount of revenue but encourages growth, reduces political corruption and loopholes, and creates a far healthier and more transparent relationship between Americans and their government.

Ken Hoagland, an expert on the FairTax and a leading participant in the FarTax campaign, now offers a clear and compelling explanation of this revolutionary idea. He shows that, if we do not take steps to dramatically reform the tax system, our country will continue on a downward spiral of irresponsible spending, lobbyist influence, and unequal citizen representation. he details the history of income tax collection in this country and exposes the day-to-day lobbying practices that have bloated the tax code to 67,000 pages of irrational regulations.

If you've ever shuddered as April 15 approaches-or who simply care about making the country better--you will be fascinated by Hoagland's research: You may even decide to join the grassroots movement that will make our nation healthier and stronger.

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