Table of contents for The Oxford handbook of linguistic analysis / edited by Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog.

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1. Introduction, Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog
2. An Adaptive Approach to Grammar, Talmy Givón
3. The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Guglielmo Cinque and Luigi Rizzi
4. Categorial Grammar, Glyn Morrill
5. Cognitive Grammar, Ronald W. Langacker
6. Embodied Construction Grammar, Jerome Feldman, Ellen Dodge, and John Bryant
7. Sign-Based Construction Grammar, Laura A. Michaelis
8. Corpus-Based and Corpus Driven Analyses of Language Variation and Use, Douglas Biber
9. Default Semantics, Kasia M. Jaszczolt
10. Dependency Grammar and Valency Theory, Vilmos Ágel and Klaus Fischer
11. An Emergentist Approach to Syntax, William O'Grady
12. Formal Generative Typology, Mark C. Baker
13. A Frame Approach to Semantic Description, Charles J. Fillmore and Collin F. Baker
14. Framework-Free Grammatical Theory, Martin Haspelmath
15. Functional Discourse Grammar, Kees Hengeveld and J. Lachlan Mackenzie
16. Grammaticalization and Linguistic Analysis, Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog
17. Lexical-Functional Grammar, Ash Asudeh and Ida Toivonen
18. The Natural Semantic Metalanguage Approach, Cliff Goddard
19. Linguistic Minimalism, Cedric Boeckx
20. Morphological Analysis, Geert E. Booij
21. Optimality Theory in Phonology, Maria Gouskova
22. Optimization Principles in the Typology of Number and Articles, Henriette de Swart and Joost Zwarts
23. The Parallel Architecture and its Place in Cognitive Science, Ray Jackendoff
24. Neo-Gricean Pragmatic Theory of Conversational Implicature, Yan Huang
25. Probabilistic Linguistics, Rens Bod
26. Linguistic Relativity, Eric Pederson
27. Relevance Theory, Francisco Yus
28. Role and Reference Grammar as a Framework for Linguistic Analysis, Robert D. Van Valin, Jr
29. The Analysis of Signed Languages, Sherman Wilcox and Phyllis Perrin Wilcox
30. Simpler Syntax, Peter Culicover
31. Systemic Functional Grammar and the Study of Meaning, Alice Caffarel
32. Usage-Based Theory, Joan L. Bybee and Clay Beckner
33. Word Grammar, Richard Hudson
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