Table of contents for Introduction to coordination chemistry / Geoffrey A. Lawrance.

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1 The Central Atom

1.1 Key Concepts in Coordination Chemistry
1.2 A Who’s Who of Metal Ions
1.3 Metals in Molecules
1.4 The Road Ahead
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2 Ligands

2.1 Membership: Being A Ligand
2.2 Monodentate Ligands – The Simple Type
2.3 Greed is Good – Polydentate Ligands
2.4 Polynucleating Species – Molecular Bigamists
2.5 A Separate Race — Organometallic Species
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3 Complexes

3.1 The Central Metal Ion
3.2 Metal-Ligand Marriage
3.3 Holding On — The Nature of Bonding in Metal Complexes
3.4 Coupling – Polymetallic Complexes
3.5 Making Choices
3.6 Complexation Consequences
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4 Shape

4.1 Getting in Shape
4.2 Forms of Complex Life
4.3 Influencing Shape
4.4 Isomerism – Real 3D Effects
4.5 Sophisticated Shapes
4.6 Defining Shape
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5 Stability

5.1 The Makings of a Stable Relationship
5.2 Complexation – Will it Last?
5.3 Reactions
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6 Synthesis

6.1 Molecular Creation — Ways to Make Complexes
6.2 Core Metal Chemistry — Periodic Table Influences
6.3 Reactions Involving the Coordination Shell
6.4 Reactions Involving the Metal Oxidation State
6.5 Reactions Involving Coordinated
6.6 Organometallic Synthesis
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7 Properties

7.1 Finding Ways to Make Complexes Talk — Investigative Methods
7.2 Getting Physical — Methods and Outcomes
7.3 Probing the Life of Complexes — Using Physical Methods
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8 A Complex Life

8.1 Life’s a Metal Ion
8.2 Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes
8.3 Doing What Comes Unnaturally
8.4 A Laboratory-free Approach — In Silico Prediction
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9 Complexes and Commerce

9.1 Kill or Cure? — Complexes as Drugs
9.2 How Much? — Analysing with Complexes
9.3 Profiting from Complexation
9.4 Being Green
9.5 Complex Futures
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Appendix One Nomenclature

Appendix Two Molecular Symmetry: The Point Group


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