Table of contents for Advanced chemistry / Michael Clugston; Rosalind Flemming.

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1. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Patterns in chemisty
2. The nuclear atom
3. Masses of atoms and the mole
4. Electrons in atoms
5. Chemical bonding
6. Solids
7. Changes of state and intermolecular forces
8. Gases
9. Reacting masses and volumes
10. Thermochemistry
11. Chemical equilibrium
12. Acid-base equilibrium
13. Redox equilibrium
14. Spontaneous change towards equilibrium
15. Chemical kinetics
16. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY The s-block elements
17. Trends across a period
18. The halogens
19. The p-block elements
20. The transition metals
21. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Introduction to organic chemistry
22. Alkanes and alkenes
23. Arenes
24. Organic halogeno compounds
25. Alcohols
26. Aldehydes and ketones
27. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
28. Amines and amino acids
29. Organic synthesis: changing the carbon skeleton
30. Biochemistry
31. Techniques of preparation, separation, and identification
32. Spectroscopy and structure

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