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Part I Mass Media and the Cultural Landscape

Chapter 1 Mass Communication: A Critical Approach

Culture and the Evolution of Mass Communication

Mass Media and the Process of Communication

Surveying the Cultural Landscape

Critiquing Media and Culture

Media and Culture: An Extended Case Study: Video Games and StoryTelling

Chapter 2 The Internet and New Technologies: Media at the Crossroads

Origins of the Internet

Digital Technology and Converging Media

Ownership Issues on the Internet

Free Expression, Security, and Access

Citizens, the Internet, and Democracy

Part II Sounds and Images

Chapter 3 Sound Recording and Popular Music

Technology and the Development of Sound Recording

U.S. Popular Music and the Formation of Rock

A Changing Industry: Reformations in Popular Music

The Business of Sound Recording

Recordings, Free Expression, and Democracy

Chapter 4 Popular Radio and the Origins of Broadcasting

Early Technology and the Development of Broadcasting

The Evolution of Commercial Radio

Radio Reinvents Itself

The Sounds of Radio Today

Radio and the Democracy of the Airwaves

Chapter 5 Television and the Power of Visual Culture

The Origins and Early Development of Television

Major Programming Trends in the TV Age

The Decline of the Network Era

The Economics of Television

The Public, Television, and Democracy

Chapter 6 Cable and the Specialization of Television

Technology and the Development of Cable

Cable Threatens Broadcasting

Cable Comes of Age

Direct Broadcast Satellites: Cable without Wires

Ownership and Business Issues in Cable and DBS

Cable, DBS, and Implications for Democracy

Chapter 7 Movies and the Impact of Images

Early Technology and the Evolution of Movies

The Power of the Studio System

The Triumph of Hollywood Storytelling

The Transformation of the Hollywood System

The Economics of the Movie Business

Popular Movies and Implications for Democracy

Part III Words and Pictures

Chapter 8 Newspapers and the Rise of Modern Journalism

The Evolution of American Newspapers

Competing Models of Modern Print Journalism

Categorizing News and U.S. Newspapers

Newspaper Operations: Economic Demands vs. Editorial Duties

Ownership, Economics, Technology, and Innovation

Newspapers and Democracy

Chapter 9 Magazines in the Age of Specialization

The Early History of Magazines

The Development of Modern American Magazines

The Domination of Specialization

The Organization and Economics of Magazines

Magazines in a Democratic Society

Chapter 10 Books and the Power of Print

The History of Books from Papyrus to Paperbacks

Modern Publishing and the Book Industry

The Organization and Ownership of the Book Industry

Trends in Book Publishing

Books and the Future of Democracy

Part IV The Business Of Mass Media

Chapter 11 Advertising and Commercial Culture

Early Developments in American Advertising

The Shape of U.S. Advertising Today

Persuasive Techniques in Contemporary Advertising

Commericial Speech and Regulating Advertising

Advertising, Politics, and Democracy

Chapter 12 Public Relations and Framing the Message

Early Developments in Public Relations

The Practice of Public Relations

Tensions Between Public Relations and the Press

Public Relations, Social Responsibility, and Democracy

Chapter 13 Media Economics and the Global Marketplace

Analyzing the Media Economy

The Transition to an Information Economy

Social Issues in Media Economics

The Media Marketplace and Democracy

Part V Democratic Expression and the Mass Media

Chapter 14 The Culture of Journalism: Values, Ethics, and Democracy

Modern Journalism in the Information Age

Ethics and the News Media

Reporting Rituals and the Legacy of Print Journalism

Journalism in the Age of Television

Public Journalism, Fake News, and Democracy

Chapter 15 Media Effects and Cultural Approaches to Research

Early Developments in Media Research

Cultural Approaches to Media Research

Media Research, Ivory Towers, and Democracy

Chapter 16 Legal Controls and Freedom of Expression

The Origins of Free Expression and a Free Press

Film and the First Amendment

Expression over the Airwaves

The Internet, Expression, and Democracy

Media and Culture: An Extended Case Study: The Stories of the 2008 Presidential Race

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