Table of contents for The migraine brain : the breakthrough guide for healing your headache / Carolyn Bernstein and Elaine McArdle.

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Introduction -- "I'd Rather Die Than Get Another Migraine"

Migraine Quiz


Chapter 1 -- Is Yours a Migraine?

The Migraine Checklist

Or...Is It a Tension Headache?

Mixed Headaches

Sinus Headache -- Migraine in Disguise?

Other Kinds of Headaches

Kinds of Migraine

When to Call a Doctor -- Beware of Change

Chapter 2 -- The Migraine Brain: How It's Different -- and What That Means for You

Cortical Spreading Depression -- the New Science of Migraine

Questions for the Doctor

The Trigeminal Nerve

Migraine and Seizure

The Genetic Link

The Heart-Migraine Connection: "PFO"

Your Migraine Brain May Change Over Time

What Migraine Is Not

A Strange, Fascinating Disease

Migraine Lore, Famous Migraineurs, and More

Chapter 3 -- The Four Stages of a Migraine

The Four Stages

Stage One: Prodrome

Stage Two: Aura -- Visual and Other Changes

Stage Three: The Main Migraine or Pain Phase

Stage Four: Postdrome, or the Migraine Hangover

Building Your Migraine Profile

Chapter 4 -- Your Migraine Triggers

What's Your List of Triggers?

The Headache Diary

How to Avoid Your Triggers

My Personal Top Ten Migraine Triggers

Chapter 5 -- Female Hormones and Migraines Through the Life Cycle

The Role of Female Hormones

Are Your Migraines Related to Menstruation?

Migraines During Your Life Cycle

Planning for Pregnancy




Chapter 6 -- Men's Migraines

Important News for Men with Migraine

Men: Taking Care of Your Health


Chapter 7 -- Measuring Your Migraine: The Best Self-Tests

Your Migraine Toolbox

Chapter 8 -- How to Find the Right Doctor

What Kind of Doctor Should You Choose?

How to Find a Headache Specialist

If You Can't Find a Headache Specialist

The First Appointment

Chapter 9 -- Medicines That Work

A Variety of Migraine Medications

Prevent, Abort, Rescue -- the Three Types of Drugs

Preventive Drugs

Abortive Drugs

Rescue Drugs

Over-the-Counter Drugs

Surgery and Other Options

Chapter 10 -- When You Have to Go to the Emergency Room

How to Make Your ER Visit Successful -- A Signed Doctor's Form

What to Take with You to ER -- Your ER Kit

If You Are Admitted to the Hospital

Recovering from Migraine

In-Patient Treatment for Migraine

Chapter 11 -- Complementary and Alternative Treatments


Other Relaxation Techniques





Ice Massage


Riboflavin, Coenzyme Q10

Herbs and Herbal Supplements

Energy Healing


Your Personal Wellness Plan


Eight Steps to Wellness for Your Migraine Brain

Chapter 12 -- Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Relaxation



Healthy Eating

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Chapter 13 -- Family, Home, Sex, Mental Health

Living with a Migraineur

How to Make Your Home Migraine-Free

Sex and Migraines

Mental Health and Migraine

Chapter 14 -- Migraines, Work, and Travel



Chapter 15 -- Migraine Makeover: Creating Your Own Personal Migraine Plan

Migraine Makeover: My Personal Treatment Plan



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