Table of contents for Handbook of developmental psychopathology / edited by Arnold J. Sameroff, Michael Lewis, and Suzanne M. Miller.

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Part I: Issues and Theories. 1. Toward a Development of Psychopathology: Models, Definitions, and Prediction; M. Lewis. 2. Dialectical Processes in Developmental Psychopathology; A.J. Sameroff. 3. Assessment of Psychopathology; T.M. Achenbach. 4. Developmental Epidemiology: A Framework for Developmental Psychopathology; E.J. Costello, A.C. Angold. 5. Relationships, Development, and Psychopathology; L.A. Sroufe, et al. 6. Prevention Science; J.D. Coie, et al. Part II: Context and Mental Health. 7. Family Context in Developmental Psychopathology; B.H. Fiese, et al. 8. Schooling and Mental Health; R.W. Roeser, J.S. Eccles. 9. Adaptation and Maladaptation in the Peer System: Developmental Processes and Outcomes; K.D. Rudolph, S.R. Asher. 10. Minorities in the United States: Sociocultural Context for Mental Health and Developmental Psychopathology; C.G. Coll, M. Garrido. 11. Culture and Psychopathology; S. Harkness, C.M. Super. Part III: Biology and Mental Illness. 12. Developmental Behavioral Genetics; T.G. O'Conner, R. Plomin. 13. A Biobehavioral Perspective on Developmental Psychopathology: Excessive Aggression and Serotonergic Dysfunction in Monkeys; S.J. Suomi. 14. Temperament and Goodness of Fit: Implications for Developmental Psychopathology; R. Seifer. 15. Chronic Medical Conditions: Impact on Development; G.K. Fritz, E.L. McQuaid. Part IV: Disorders of Early Childhood. 16. Attachment Disorders of Infancy; C.H. Zeanah, et al. 17. Sleep and Sleep Disturbances: Regulatory Processes in Infancy; B.L. Goodlin-Jones, et al. 18. Excessive Crying; R.G. Barr. 19. Developmental Psychopathology of Failure to Thrive; D. Drotar, J. Robinson. 20. The Early Caregiving Environment: Expanding Views on Non-Parental Care and Cumulative Life Experiences; S. Landesman Ramey, G.P. Sackett. Part V: Disruptive Behaviors Disorders. 21. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders: A Developmental View; S.B. Campbell. 22. The Natural History and Developmental Functions of Aggression; R.B. Cairns, B.D. Cairns. 23. Are Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Developmental Precursors to Conduct Disorder? B.B. Lahey, et al. 24. Conduct Disorder; K.A. Dodge. Part VI: Emotional Disorders. 25. Development and Depression; J. Garber. 26. A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective on the Cognitive Components of Child and Adolescent Depression.; N.J. Kaslow, et al. 27. Anxiety; M.W. Vasey, T.H. Ollendick. 28. Mixed Anxiety/Depression in Childhood and Adolescence; B.E. Compas, G. Oppedisano. 29. Obsessions and Compulsions: The Developmental and Familial Context; A.S. Carter, R.A. Pollock. Part VII: Control Disorders. 30. Alcoholism: A Lifespan Perspective on Etiology and Course; R.A. Zucker, et al. 31. Adolescent Drug Use Development: A Social Interactional and Contextual Perspective; H. Hops, et al. 32. The Development of Disordered Eating: Correlates and Predictors of Eating Problems in the Context of Adolescence; A.R. Tyrka, et al. 33. Disorders of Elimination; J.E. Fischel, R.M. Liebert. Part VIII: Pervasive Developmental Disorders. 34. A Developmental Approach to Autism; L.L. Travis, M.D. Sigman. 35. Psychopathology in Individuals with Mental Retardation; H.T. Sachs, R.P. Barrett. 36. Gender Identity Disorder; K.J. Zucker. Part IX: Trauma Disorders. 37. An Ecological-Transactional Model of Child Maltreatment; D. Cicchetti, et al. 38. Traumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Children and Adolescents; L.M. Davidson, et al. 39. Dissociative Disorders; F.W. Putnam.

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