Table of contents for Fuzzy control : theory and practice / Rainer Hampel, Michael Wagenknecht, Nasredin Chaker (eds.) .

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Introductory Sections: From Computing Numbers to Computing with Words - From Manipulation of Measurements to Manipulation of Perceptions; Fractal Logics Versus Fuzzy Logics; Knowledge Representation Using Fuzzy Logic Based Characteristics.- Fuzzy Sets Theory: On t-Norms as Basic Connectives for Fuzzy Logic; Generalized Parametric Conjunction Operations in Fuzzy Modeling; the Equality of Inference Results Using Fuzzy Implication and Conjunctive Interpretations of the If Then Rules Under Defuzzification; Adaptive Information Systme for Multivariate Data Approximation Problems; FGCounts of Fuzzy Sets with Triangular Norms; On the Approximate Solution of Fuzzy Equation Systems; Using Fuzzy Parasets in Problem-Solving Under Uncertainty; On the Change of the Distribution Shape of Randomized Fuzzy Variables by Filtering Over Compatibility Degrees; On Optimization with Fuzzy Constraint Conditions.- Fuzzy Control Theory: Inference Methods for Partially Redundant Rule Bases; Analysis and Design of Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Classical PID; Expert Methods in the Theory of Automatic Control; Comparative Analysis of Classical and Fuzzy PID Algorithms; Non-Fuzzy Knowledge-Rule-Based Controllers and their Optimisation by Means of Genetic Algorithms; A New Method of Fuzzy Petri Net Synthesis and its Application for Control Systems Design.- Fuzzy Control Applications: Improving Control Behaviour with Set-Point Pre-Processors; Automation of Process Pretuning by a Fuzzy-Similar Method; Selection of Mathematics Model for Daily Diagram Prediction According to Box-Jenkins Method; The Application of Fuzzy Set to Analysis of Cultural Meaning; Natural Language Input for Fuzzy Diagnosis.- Nuero-Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms: Neural Network Architecture of Fuzzy Systems; A Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Optimized by Deterministic Annealing; Neuro-Fuzzy Detector for Industrial Process; Fuzzy Setting of GA Parameters; Self-Learning Fuzzy Models and Neural Models in Environment Prediction; Fuzzy Stochastic Multistage Decision Process with Implicitly Given Termination Time.- Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Decision Support Systems: Fuzzy Time Series Analysis; Fuzzy Modelling of Heart Rate Variability; Fuzzy Approach to Combining Parallel Experts Response; Fuzzy Modeling of Dynamic Non-Linear Processes - Design and Analysis of Structures; Fuzzy Modeling of Uncertainty in Decision Support System for Electric Power System Planning; Application of the FSOM to Machine Vibration Monitoring; Near-Term Forecasting of Drilling Cost of Borehole by Fuzzy Logic .

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