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Preface International Advisory and Organizing Committee Program Committee Words of Welcome Contents Phase Transformations in Carbon Materials ZA. Matysina, D. V. Schur, S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, V.B. Molodkin, A.P. Shpak 1 Hydrogen Solubility in FCC Fullerite D. V. Schur, ZA. Matysina, S. Yu. Zaginaichenko 25 Controlling Role of Electron Concentration in Plasma - Chemical Synthesis G.N. Churilov ‘ Oxygen Source for Isolated Fuel Ceils R. Lou V. Shapovalov, E. Ve/csler Microscopic Characteristics of H Diffusion and Diffuse Scattering of Radiations in H.C.P.-Ln-H (From the Data on Electrical-Resistivity Relaxation) V.A. Tatarenko, T.M Radchenko, V.B. Molodkin 59 Investigation of Content of Endometallofulerenes Extracts LE. Kareev, Y.M. Shulga, V.P. Bubnov, VI. Kozlovski, A.F. Dodonov, M. V. Marlynenko, K.B. Zhogova, EB. Yagubskii 67 An Overview of Hydrogen Storage Methods V.A. Yartys, M V. Lototsky Alumo- and Borohydrides ofMetals: History, Properties, Technology, App!ication B.M Bulychev 105 Structural - Phase Transformations in Titanium - Fullerene Films at Implantation ofBoron lons L. V. Baran, E.M. Shpilevsky, G. P. Okatova 115 Field Emission Investigation of Carbon Nanotubes Doped by Different Metals K.N. Nikoiski, A.S Baturin, VS. Bormashov, AS. Ershov, L.D. Kvacheva, D.A. Kurnosov, V.E. Muradyan, A.A. Rogozinskiy, D. V. Schur, E.P. Sheshin, A. P. Simanovskiy, Yu. M. Shulga, R. G. Tchesov, S Yu. Zaginaichenko 123 Development of Methods of Deposition of Discontinuous Nickel Coatings on Powders ofAB5 Type Alloys 1. Slys, L. Shcherbakova, A. Rogozinskaya, D. Schur, A. Rogozinskii 131 vi XRD Patterns of Cathode Deposits Formed in Electric are Sputtering Zr-Me Graphite Electrodes Yu.M Shulga, D. V. Schur, S.A. Baskakov, A.P.Simanovskiy, A.A. Rogozinskaya, A.A. Rogozinskiy, A.P. Mukhachev 137 Metal Hydride Accumulators of Hydrogen on the Basis ofAlloys of Magnesium and Rare-Earth Metals with Nickel B.P. Tarasov, S.N. Klyamkin, V.N. Fokin, D.N. Borisov, D. V. Schur, V.A. Yariys 143 Synthesis ofNanotubes in the Liquid Phase D. V. Schur, A. G. Dubovoy, E.A. Lysenko, T.N. Golovchenko, S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, AF. Savenko, V.M Adeev, S.N. Kaverina 147 Mossbauer Study of Carbon Nanostructures Obtained on Fe-Ni Catalyst T Yu. Kiseleva, A.A. Novakova, B.P. Tarasov, V.E. Muradyan 153 Determination of an Optimum Performance of PEM Fuel Celi Based on its Limiting Current Density Ayoub Kazim 159 Photoinduced Modifications ofthe Structure and Microhardness of Fullerite C 1. Manika, J Maniks, 1. Kalnacs 167 Investigation on the Carbon Special Form Graphitic Nanofibres as a Hydrogen Storage Materials Bipin Kumar Gupta, O.N. Srivastava 177 Heterometallic Fullerides ofTransition Metals with the Composition K V.A. Kulbachinskli, B.M Bulychev, R.A. Lunin, A. V. Krechetov, V.G. Kytin, K. V. Poholok, K. Lips, J. Rappich 185 Characterization ofNanoparticles Processed by arc-Discharge between Carbon Electrodes Containing Ni Catalyst M Leonowicz, Yu.M. Shulga, V.E. Muradyan, M Wozniak, WeiXie 193 Protection of Securities by the Application of Fullerenes D. V. Schur, N.S. Astratov, A.P. Pomytkin, AD. Zolotarenko, TI. Shaposhnikova 203 Spectrophotometric Analysis of C and C Fullerenes in Toluene Solutions NS. Anikina, S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, MI. Maistrenko, AD. Zolotarenko, GA. Sivak, D. 17. Schur, L. 0. Teslenko 207 Effect ofthe Nature ofthe Reactor Wall Material on Morphology and Structure of Products Resulted from are Graphite Sputtering AD. Zolotarenko, AF. Savenko, A.N. Antropov, Iv!.!. Maystrenko, R.N. Nikulenko, A. Yu. Vlasenko, V.K Pishuk, V. V. Skorokhod, D. V. Schur, A.N. Stepanchuk, P.A. Boyko 2 i 7 Study of Thermodynamic Parameters of Hydrogen Gas by Grapho-Analytic Method B. Ibrahimoglu, T.N. Veziroglu, A. Huseynov, D. V. Schur 225 vii Simulation ofOperation Heat or Cold-Making Unit with Hydride Heat Pump Yu. 1. Shanin 233 Quantum-Chemical Investigations of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Hydrogenation Processes N.G. Lebedev, 1. V. Zaporotskova, LA. Chernozatonskii 243 Quantum Chemical Investigations ofthe Growth Models ofSingle Wall Carbon Nanotubes on Polyhen Rings, Fullerenes and Diamond Surface N. G. Lebedev, 1. V. Zaporotskova, LA. Chernozatonskii 259 Covalent-Binding Carbon Nanotube: Simulation of Formation Mechanisms and Energy Characteristics E.E. Mikheeva, LA. Chernozatonskii, T Yu. Astahova 279 To the Theory of Formation in Cast Iron of Spherical Graphite A.A. Baranov, D.A. Baranov 283 Modelling ofDehydration and Dehydrogenation in Pure and Ba-, Ca-, Sr- or Y-Modified Zirconia Nanolayer N. V. Tokiy, T Ye. Konstantinova, D.L. Savina, V. V. Tokly 291 Metailcontaining Nanoparticles in Carbochain Polymeric Matrixes s.P. Gubin, V.M J3uznik, G. Yu. Yurkov, M.S. Korobov, A. V. Kozinkin, A. K. Tsvetnikov, 1. P. Dotsenko 299 X-ray Structural Study ofDeposit Formed on Electric arc Sputtering of Me Composites A.A. Rogozinskaya, D. V. Schur, 1.1. Timofeeva, LA. Klochkov, AP. Simanovski), A.A. Rogozinski) 307 Effect of Hydrogen on Delayed Fracture of HCP c -Steels Based on Fe-Mn Solid Solution B.M Efros, V. V. Berezovskaya, S. V. Gladkovskii, L. V. Loladze 313 System Combined Automobile Feed on Carbon Nanostructures with Hydrogen Adsorbate Application Al. Zakharov, V.J. Kostikov, AS. Kotosonov, TA. Ivankova, O.A. Milovanova 319 T-Nanoconstructions on the (000 1) - Surface of Graphite Based on Carbon (6,6) - Nanotubes A.P. Popov, I.V. Bazhin 325 Three - Dimensional Polymerized Cubic Phase ofFullerenes C AP. Popov, 1. V. Bazhin 329 Nanostructure and Electronic Spectra of Cu-C Films 0. P. Dmytrenko, M P. Kulish, L. V. Poperenko, Yu. 1. Prylutskyy, E. Al. Shpilevskyy, 1. V Yurgelevich, M. Hietschold, F.S. Schulze, J. Ulansk P. Scharff viii Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Carbide Films as Perspective Tribological Coatings and Semiconductor Layers v.I. Ivashchenko, O.K. Porada, L.A. Ivashchenko, G. V. Rusakov, S.M. Dub, V.M. Popov Vibrational Spectra and Molecular Structure ofthe Hydrofullerenes C C and C as Studied by IR and Raman Spectroscopy and First-Principle Calculations A.A. Popov, V.M Senyavin, A.A. Granovsky, A.S. Lobach Hydrogen Segregation in the Residual Stresses Field N.M Vlasov., 1.1. Fedik Nanoparticles of Metals and Oxides on Surface of Carbon Fibers are Effective Catalysts of Chemical Transformations of Epoxy Oligomers v.I. Dubkova 363 Theory of Transport Phenomena on Plasma — Metal Hydride Interface S VN. Borisko, S. V. Borisko, D. V. Zynov ‘ev, Ye. V. Klochko The Ultradisperse Formations of Free Carbon in Alloys of Iron D.A. Baranov, A.A. Baranov, 1. V. Leirich 383 Simulation of Fullerene Irradiation and Fragmentation by Particle Beams N. V. Makarets, V. V. Moskalenko, Yu. 1. Prylutskyy., 0. V. Zaloyilo 387 Lithium in Nanoporous Carbon Materials Produced from SiC I.M. Kotina, V. M. Lebedev, A.G. Jives, G. V. Patsekina, L.M. Tuhkonen, A.M. Danishevskii, S.K Gordeev, MA. Yagovkina 391 Scientific-Technical Prerequisites in Ukraine for Development ofthe Wind- Hydrogen Plants V.A. Glazkov, AS. Kirichenko, BI. Kushnir, V. V. Solovey, A.S. Zhirov, D.V.Schur S 399 Synthesis and Structural Peculiarities ofthe Exfoliated Graphite Modified by Carbon Nanostructures Yu.I. Sementsov, G.P. Prikhodko, S.L. Revo, A. V. Melezhyk, ML. Pyatkovskiy, v.v. Yanchenko 405 Modeling of TDS-Spectra of Dehydrating Yu. V. Zaika, JA. Chernov 415 Some Schematics ofUse ofHydride Devices in the Automobile Yu.I. Shanin 427 Electronic-Microscopic Investigation ofNanoscale Products of Catalytic Pyrolysis of Toluene S P.M Sylenko, A.M Shiapak, S.M. Kaverina, D. V. Schur, S. 0. Firstov, v. v. Skorokhod 437 ix Application ofthe Metal Hydride Activation Effect ofHydrogen Isotopes for Plasma Chemical Technologies Yu.F. Shmal’ko, Ye. V. Klochko 447 Vibrational Spectra of C Polymers: Experiment and First-Principle Assignment v. M. Senyavin, A. A. Popov, A. A. Granovsky 457 Feasibility of Hydrogen Energy Production Through Natura! Gas Steam Reformation Process in the UAE A. Kazim . 467 Isotope Effects in the Quasielastic Mössbauer Absorption of 57 in NbH and NbD R. Wordel, F.E. Wagner 473 Electrica! Resistance of Binary Ordered Alloys with HCP Structure in the Presence of Impurity Atoms or Thermal Vacancies ZA. Malysina, S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, D. V. Schur, A. Yu. Vlasenko 481 Hydriding Properties ofMagnesium-Sa!t Mechanical Alloys E. Yu. Ivanov, 1. G. Konstanchuk, V. V. Boldyrev 489 Hydrogen Sorption and Electrochemical Properties oflntermetallic Compounds La and La E.E. Levin, P.A. Donskoy, S.A. Lushnikov, VN. Verbetsky, T. Ya. Safonova, O.A. Petrii 503 Hydride Phases in Sm —NH System VN. Fokin, Yu.M. Shul B.P. Tarasov, E.E. Fokina, 1.1. Korobov, A.G. Burlakova, S.P. Shilkin . 511 Optical Investigation of Hydrogen Intercalation-Deintercalation Processes in Layered Semiconductor ‘y-InSe Crystals Yu.J. Zhirko., Z.D. Kovalyuk., MM. Pyrija., V.B. Boledzyuk 19 Quantum Topology and Computer Simulation of Confined Hydrogen Atom Inside Spherical-Form Gap gA. Beznosyuk, D.A. Mezentsev, M.S. Zhukovsky, TM Zhukovsky 531 Calorimetric Investigation ofthe Hydrogen Interaction with Ti E. Yu.Anikina, VN. Verbetsky 539 Interaction in NbVCo-H and NbVFe-H Systems under Hydrogen Pressure up to 2000 atm. SA. Lushnikov., VN. Verbetsky 547 Effect of Hydrogenation on Spin-Reorientation Phase Transitions in R (R = Y, Ho, Er) Compounds I.s. Tereshina., G.S. Burkhanov., O.D. Chistyakov., N.B. Kol’chugina., S.A Nikitin., H. Drulis 553 x The Cluster Growth Mechanism of Nanostructured Diamond v. Melnikova Specific Features in Thermal Expansion of YFe 1 Single Crystals E. Tereshina., K. Skokov., L. Folcik, S. Nikitin., H. Drulis 563 Study of Structure, Hydrogen Absorption and Eleetrochemical Properties of Tio Substoichiometric Laves Phase Alloys T.A. Zotov, VN. Verbetsky, O.A. Petrii, T. Y. Safonova 569 Effect of Stress on Accumulation ofHydrogen and Microstructure of Silicon co-Implanted with Hydrogen and Helium A. Misiuk, .1. Ratajczak, A. Barcz, J. Bak-Misiuk, A. Shalimov, B. Surma, A. Wnuk, J. Jagielski, 1. V. Antonova 579 Hydrogen Storage Materials and their Maximum Ability on Reversible Hydrogen Sorption N.M Vlasov, A.J. Solovey, II. Fedik, AS. Chernikov 593 The Study of Changes of Physico - Mechanical Properties of Materials in a Condensed State under Hydrogen lnfluence Using Fault Detection Acoustic Microscopy Methods A. V. Budanov., A.I.Kustov., I.A. Migel 603 Diffusion of Hydrogen in Amorphous, High Deformed and Nanocrystalline Alloys N.I. Timofeyev, V.K. Rudenko, V. V. Kondratyev, A. V.Gapontsev, A.N. Voloshinskii 617 Diffusion of Hydrogen in Binary and Ternary Disordered Alloys Nl. Timofeyev, V.K. Rudenko, V. V. Kondratyev, A. V.Gapontsev, AN. Voloshinskii . 635 Author Index 653 Subject Index 657

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