Table of contents for Handbook of community psychology / edited by Julian Rappaport and Edward Seidman.

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Preface. Section I: Editors' Introduction - Concepts, Frameworks, Stories and Maps. 1. Prevention in Mental Health and Social Intervention: Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Evolution of the Science and Practice of Prevention; R.D. Felner, et al. 2. Empowerment Theory: Psychological, Organizational and Community Levels of Analysis; M.A. Zimmerman. 3. Individualism, Collectivism, and Community Psychology; C. van Uchelen. 4. Community Psychology and Routes to Psychological Wellness; E.L. Cowen. 5. Towards an Integration of Behaviorism and Community Psychology; G.A. Bogat, L.A. Jason. 6. Cognition in Social Context: Contributions to Community Psychology; P. O'Neill. 7. Understanding and Changing Social Systems: An Ecological View; J.G. Kelly, et al. Section II: Editors' Introduction - People in Context: Empirically Grounded Constructs. 8. Psychological Dysfunction and Well-being: Public Health and Social Indicator Approaches; A.J. Zautra, K.M. Bachrach. 9. Stress: Theory, Research and Action; I.N. Sandler, et al. 10. Social Support Research in Community Psychology; M. Barrera Jr. 11. Citizen Participation and Community Organizations; A. Wandersman, P. Florin. 12. Power and Participation in the Workplace: Implications for Empowerment Theory, Research, and Practice; K.J. Klein, et al. Section III: Editors' Introduction - Intervention Strategies and Tactics. 13. Contextual Influences in Mental Health Consultation: Towards an Ecological Perspective on Radiating Change; E.J. Trickett, et al. 14. Community and Neighborhood Organisation; W. Berkowitz. 15. The Creation of Alternative Settings; C. Cherniss, G. Deegan. 16. Action-Oriented Mass Communication; A. McAlister. 17. Social Policy and Community Psychology; D.A. Phillips. 18. Dissemination of Innovation as Social Change; J.P. Mayer, W.S. Davidson II. Section IV: Editors' Introduction - Social Systems. 19. Prospects for a Viable Community Mental Health System: Reconciling Ideology, Professional Traditions, and Political Reality; K. Heller, et al. 20. Community-Based Health Interventions; T.A. Revenson, K.M. Schiaffino. 21. Religion in American Life: A Community Psychology Perspective; K.I. Pargament; K.I. Maton. 22. Community Change, Community Stasis, and the Law; G. Melton. 23. Helping Troubled Children and Families: A Paradigm of Public Responsibility; J. Knitzer. 24. The School Reform Movement: Opportunities for Community Psychology; D. Oxley. 25. Self-Help Groups; L.H. Levy. 26. Contributions from Organizational Psychology; M. Shinn, D.N.T. Perkins. Section V: Editors' Introduction - Design, Assessment and Analytic Methods. 27. Assessing Ecological Constructs and Community Context; J.A. Linney. 28. Cross-Level Research without Cross-ups in Community Psychology; M. Shinn, B.D. Rapkin. 29. Statistical Models for Change; J.S. Tanaka. 30. Thinking Through Others: Qualitative Research and Community Psychology; E. Stewart. Section VI: Editors' Introduction - Cross-Cutting Perspectives and Professional Issues. 31. Practitioners' Perspectives; T. Wolff, et al. 32. Community Psychology in International Perspective; S. Wingenfeld, et al. 33. Psychology in the International Community: Perspectives on Peace and Development; R. Roesch, G. Carr. 34. Community Psychology and Ethnic Minority Populations; L.R. Snowden, et al. 35. Women's Empowerment: A Review of Community Psychology's First Twenty-five Years; C.F. Swift, et al. 36. A Perspective on Ethical Issues in Community Psychology; D.L. Snow, et al. 37. Barometers of Community Change: Personal Reflections; S.B. Sarason. Section VII: Editors' Introduction - Contemporary Intersections with Community Psychology. 38A. The Urban Poor; L. Allen. 38B. Reproductive Rights; B. Ambuel. 38C. Environmental Issues; J.G. Brody. 38D. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues; A.R. D'Augelli. 38E. HIV/AIDS Epidemic: An International Perspective; J.A.G. Gonzalez. 38F. The Farm Crisis & Rural America; R. Hughes Jr. 38G. The New Immigrants; R. Liem. 38H. Unemployment; R.H. Price. 38I. Violence Prevention; C.S. Fried, et al. 38J. Substance Abuse Prevention; J.E. Rhodes. 38K. Homelessness; M. Shinn. 38L. Independent Living and People with Physical Disabilities; G.W. White, S.B. Fawcett.

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