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I. How to Buy, Manage Risk, and Keep Records.
1. How to Buy.
The Gap between Price and Value.
2. The Three Great Divides.
Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis.
Moving Averages.
Trend vs. Counter-Trend Trading.
Discretionary vs. Systematic Trading.
3. One Trader's Toolbox.
The New High – New Low Index.
New High – New Low Index.
4. Trading Psychology.
On Being Disciplined.
On Being Kind to Yourself.
5. Risk Management.
The 2% Solution – Protection from Sharks.
The 6% Rule – Protection from Piranhas.
6. On Keeping Records.
Trader's Spreadsheet – Basic Accountability.
Trader's Diary – Your Key to Lasting Success.
How to Document Your Trading Plan.
Margret's Method – Put it on the Wall.
Fred's Method – a Chihuahua Trade.
7. How to Grade Your Performance.
How to Grade Your Entries and Exits.
How to Grade Your Trades.
8. The Two Types of Buying.
II. How to Sell.
9. The Three Types of Selling.
10. Selling at a Target.
1—Selling at a Moving Average.
2 – Envelopes or Channels.
Holding Out for More.
A Rally Stumbles.
Selling at a Resistance Level.
11. Selling on a Stop.
The Iron Triangle.
Market or Limit Orders.
Hard and Soft Stops.
A Bad Place.
Reducing Slippage – Tighter by a Penny.
Nic's Stop – Tighter by a Day.
When to Use Wider Stops.
Moving Stops.
A SafeZone Stop.
Volatility-Drop Trailing Stops.
12. Selling 'Engine Noise'.
Weakening Momentum.
An 'Engine Noise' Exit from a Short-Term Trade.
A Discretionary Exit from a Long-Term Trade.
Selling Before Earnings Reports.
The Market Rings a Bell.
The New High – New Low Index.
The Decision Tree for Selling.
III. How to Sell Short.
13. Shorting Stocks.
Your First Shorts.
The Asymmetry of Tops and Bottoms.
Shorting Tops.
Shorting Downtrends.
Shorting Fundamentals.
Finding Stocks to Short.
Short Interest.
14. Shorting Non-Equity Instruments.
Shorting Futures.
Writing Options.
Covered Writing.
Naked Writing.
About the Author.

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