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Chapter I What are innovation, creativity and design?
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Chapter II Innovation = creativity & commercialisation
Case Study 1 BBC’s ‘Walking with dinosaurs
Appendix I Meet the Dinosaurs
Appendix II Stages of the animation process
Appendix III Excerpt from Brand Guide
Appendix IV Awards as of 30th October 2001

Chapter III Structured processes for developing new products
The evolution of the new product development process
The Stage-Gate Process
Development Funnel and Product Portfolio Management
The role of the project leader
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Chapter IV A note on globalisation
Myth or Reality?
Enablers and drivers of Globalisation
Advantages of Global Innovation
The Flipside of the Coin
Obstacles to Global Innovation
How to structure for R&D in a global context?
What does Global mean in the context of new product development?
What to consider when going global
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Chapter V Innovation & branding for the web
Case Study 2 - A
Appendix I Background to the 4 founders
Chapter VI Strategy – emergent or planned, and other issues
Strategy – planned or emergent?
Strategy and Innovation
Useful Concepts and Frameworks for Strategy Development
Design and Strategy
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Chapter VII Branding and Innovation
What is a Brand?
Brands and innovation – a closer look
Brands and the web
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Chapter VIII The value of market research
Case study 3 Black & Decker’s Quattro
Appendix I Company History
Appendix II Capital Appropriation Request, Summary Extracts
Chapter IX Approaches to Market Research
What is it about market research?
Traditional approaches towards market research
The Future
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Chapter X A note on teams
Team composition
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Chapter XI Collaboration – innovation in manufacturing
Case Study 4 The Lotus Elise
Chapter XII The role of prototypes
Why use prototypes?
What prototype?
Problems with prototypes
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Chapter XIII Collaborating for innovation
Some background
Reasons for and benefits of collaboration
What gets in the way of collaboration
How to make collaboration work
Open innovation and user-led innovation
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Chapter XIV Innovation & industry context
Case Study 5 Roche – Saquinavir
Appendix I Team members
Appendix II Drug Discovery Value Chain
Chapter XV The effects of industry and cultural context
Why think about context?
Understanding constraints
Contextual factors at the industry level
Contextual factors – the national level
Chapter XVI Informal networks and the management of knowledge
Informal networks
What is knowledge?
The importance of knowledge management
The management of knowledge
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Chapter XVII Innovation for the environment
Case Study 6 Plastwood by Dumfries Recycling
Appendix I Alternatives to Recycling
Appendix II Recycling at BPI
Chapter XVIII Green design – clean environment or clean conscious?
The argument for environmentally responsible design
What are environmentally responsible products?
Natural capitalism versus ‘green design’
The role of the designer
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Chapter XIX Note on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Types of intellectual property rights
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Chapter XX Innovation in large organisations
Case Study 7 GKN –Light Composite Joint Disk
Appendix I Manufacturing Flow for the CDJ
Appendix II Summary of technical & commercial advantages and technical limitations
Chapter XXI Organising for innovation
The process route
Incremental versus radical – what’s the difference?
The people route
A holistic approach to innovation
Innovation roles
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Chapter XXII Venturing – beyond company boundaries
Avenues for realising innovation
The Venture Capital Industry
Finding venture capital
Sources of external funding
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Chapter XXIII Innovation in Financial Services
Case study 8 Shared Appreciation Mortgage - Bank of Scotland
Appendix I Additional Information
Chapter XXIV Innovation in the service industry
Particularities about the service industry
Design and service development
Service development – what drives success?
Suggested Reading
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Chapter XXV Failure, risk and measuring in innovation
What underpins success and causes failure?
The complexity framework
Is failure really failure?
Minimising risk of failure – risk management
Measuring success
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Chapter XXVI Building for innovation
Case Study 9 John McAslan & Partner
Appendix I Main players involved in the design & build of Yapi Kredi Bank
Appendix II Development of the John Lewis Partnership
Chapter XXVII Company culture & architecture
Putting your work environment to work
Changes in working practices and the office environment
Change the work environment – but for the right reasons
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Chapter XXVIII Outsourcing – designers in or out?
Ins and outs of outsourcing
Designers – in or out?
The case study of the MuZ Skorpion
Concluding Remarks
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Chapter XXIX Putting all pieces into place
Case 10 The Technology Partnership
Appendix I Major Developments in the TTP Group since 1990
Appendix I Group Structure
Appendix III Financial Performance
Appendix IV The Venture Fund – article from ‘Financial News’
Chapter XXX The innovative organisation
Leadership – the most critical ingredient
The role of company culture
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Chapter XXXI Changes in the world and innovation
The next innovation challenges
Discontinuous innovation
The balancing act
The future of business – all change
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Chapter XXXII Disruptive innovation
Case 11 SAM - disruptive change in executive search
Appendix I
Chapter XXXIII Managing without control?
Case 12 SAM Headhunting
Appendix I How to use the case studies
Appendix II Innovation Best Practice - achievements and remaining challenges since 2003
Appendix III Categories of Design
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