Table of contents for Econopower : how a new generation of economists is transforming the world / Mark Skousen.

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Introduction. A Golden Age of Discovery.
Part I. Personal Finance: Earning, Saving, Investing and Retiring.
Chapter 1. Economist Discovers a Painless Way to Triple Your Savings Rate: The $90 Billion Opportunity.
Chapter 2. Modern Portfolio Theory: Can You Beat Market?
Chapter 3. Yes, You Can Beat the Market…..With Less Risk.
Chapter 4. High-Return Investing: Lessons from Yale's Endowment Fund.
Chapter 5. How Chile Created a Worker-Capitalist Revolution.
Chapter 6. The Call for Social Security Reform.
Chapter 7. $4,000 a month from Social Security?
Chapter 8. How the Private Sector Solved its Own Pension Crisis.
Chapter 9. The Four Sources of Happiness: Is Money One of Them?
Part II. Economists Enter the Corporate Boardroom.
Chapter 10. Improving the Bottom Line with EVA.
Chapter 11. How Ludwig von Mises Helped Create the World's Largest Private Company.
Part III. Solving Domestic Problems.
Chapter 12. Look, Ma'am, No Traffic Jams.
Chapter 13. Patient Power: The New Consumer-Driven Medicine Plan.
Chapter 14. Back to Basics: Competition Enters the Classroom.
Chapter 15. Chicago Gun Show.
Chapter 16. Economists Catch Auction Fever.
Chapter 17. If You Built it (Privately)…..They Will Come: The Economics of Sports Stadiums.
Chapter 18. Who is Henry Spearman? The Economics of the Mystery Novel.
Part IV. Solving International Problems.
Chapter 19. Eco-nomics: Angry Planet or Beautiful World?
Chapter 20. The Population Bomb: Economists Enter the Malthusian Debate.
Chapter 21. A Private Sector Solution to Extreme Poverty.
Chapter 22. Poverty and Wealth: India vs. Hong Kong.
Chapter 23. How Real is the Asian Economic Miracle?
Chapter 24. Whatever happened to the Egyptians?
Chapter 25. The Irish Economic Miracle: Can We Grow Faster?
Chapter 26. The Marginal Tax Revolution:_ The Laffer Curve Goes Global.
Chapter 27. The Debate over Economic Inequality: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get……
Chapter 28. One Graph Says It All: The Development of the Economic Freedom Index
Chapter 29. Amazing Graph: Economists Enter Sacred Ground.
Chapter 30. Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men: The Case for Religious Competition.
Part V. Predicting the Future.
Chapter 31. New Yale Forecasting Model: Has the Irving Fisher Curse Been Lifted?
Chapter 32. Forecasting Elections: Economists Do it Better.
Chapter 33. What Drives the Economy and Stocks: Consumer Spending or Business Investment?
Chapter 34. The Midas Metal: A Golden Comeback.
Chapter 35. Is Another Great Depression Possible?
Chapter 36. Today's Most Influential Economist?
Chapter 37. Economics for the 21st Century.

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