Sample text for Whirlwind / David Klass.

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From Whirlwind

“Experts on vampire bats like to claim that they are the only animals that feed exclusively on blood,” the colonel tells me. “They’re almost right. In the entire world, there is only one other such creature. Westerners dubbed it the vampire fish. But the natives here call it the candirú.”

The water beneath me swirls as if someone is twirling a straw through it. Suddenly the lights in the room start to dim. The bridge under my feet continues narrowing. When I started walking across, it was more than a foot wide. Now it can’t be more than six inches. I feel myself start to tremble, and fight against the panic.

“Where is Kidah?” the colonel demands. “Tell me all that you know and I promise I will spare you. Deny me, and you will learn why the candirú is the most dreaded creature in this vast feeding ground known as the Amazon.”

I look back at him, and at P.J. standing beside him, and I try to keep the terror from my voice. “If I knew, I would tell you. I have no reason to protect him. I came here to save P.J. All I know is that Kidah’s supposed to be here, somewhere, hiding. I’m sorry.”

“Yes, you will be,” the colonel promises.

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